By Nora Zelevansky / March 11th, 2009

Ugliest Ugg

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Okay, so this isn't quite a link to another interesting story, which is what the "Crumpled Twenty" is meant to be.  But last night I went wandering around The Grove and, when I came upon this . . . hairy flip-flop, I just had to snap a photo and share.

Poor Ugg.  I'm so hard on those well-intentioned Aussies and they never get to defend themselves. And, the truth is, there are extended moments (even now, chilly on my couch) when I wish I owned a pair of those cute comfy "Cardy" Classic Boot mofos.

But this; this is just a whole other level.  And, while I am all about the comfiest of the comfy of the comfy, these (ahem) Big Foot thongs . . . well, they come in fuzzy baby blue and bubble gum pink too and I actually think that maybe they should be outlawed.

Quick, before Britney Spears starts rocking them around town.

xo – N.

P.S. Something else I saw while perusing: a less-pricey jelly version of Tory Burch's classic flat for the coming season.  What do you think?  Hot or not so much?  Are we worried about closed-toe rubber–not so comfy?


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  1. SHUT THE EFF UP. this post really upset me nor, i’m not going to lie. i didn’t need to know about that yucky flop. or those yucky plastic Tory Burch Jellies – bad enough when they’re the real thing!!

  2. definitely don’t like the flip flops. yuck. can you imagine how dirty they’d get??? no one needs to see that. although i’m generally negative about uggs, i have to say i love love love my ugg moccasin slippers. they’re comfy and they’re just slippers, nothing more. i try not to wear them out in public.
    the words “sweat city” come to mind re: the jellies. yuck.

  3. Those jellies are disgusting. They look like Tory Burch Crocs! I’d much rather the furry flipflop, at least it looks like a slipper.

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