By Nora Zelevansky / April 3rd, 2009


Like any self-respecting Angeleno, I am obsessed with Bay Cities.  I mean, it stands to reason that anyone with a food obsession would adore this amazing gourmet Italian deli with salt-of-the-earth guys behind the counter and an endless supply of warm homemade crusty bread.  They simply offer up the best sandwiches in LA.

Yeah, I said it.  Just try to challenge.  Do we need to have a sandwich off?  When I move, you move. Suddenly I feel like I should start break dancing (if I knew how to break dance).

Anyway, since I heart Bay Cities so much, it's rare that I discover something brand new to try, but this time I sampled something new and it was unbelievable: feta cheese stuffed pepperoncini. Yup. They're totally salty and tart and spicy and creamy and crispy and completely amazing.

To send you off to lovely weekends, some pictures below of other delicious treats from Bay Cities' counter.  Sweet dreams . . .

xo – N.

(CLICK TO EXPAND IMAGES: Prosciutto and cheese stuffed peppers and the rest)  

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  1. I seriously just salivated. Not even joking. Pavlov’s dog, anyone?

  2. I’m currently in the Pacific Northwest–exact location, classified.
    But when I return to Los Angeles, I look forward to trying the stuffed pepperocinis.
    As usual, thanks for the intel.

  3. Tzvee, Be safe wherever you are!

  4. Nora, what’s the deal with Bay Cities? What’s the best meal there? A sandwich? What kind?

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