By Nora Zelevansky / June 8th, 2009


As summer approaches, I'm moved to wax (poetic?) about flip-flops. 

They flip.  They flop.  (Is that gross?)  Every summer you sort of have to re-wear them in again, if you plan to walk extended distances on city streets (which no one in LA does besides me).  What else is there to say really?

Well, I can think of a few things: my favorite flip-flop incarnation ever was a now discontinued Puma version that only looped around/crossed over the toe (as opposed to the usual thong in between the toes shape).  Every year, as the amazing shoes became progressively remote and harder to find, I'd search all over the city for them in basically any color: yellow, red, black.  They were amazing.

Alas, their time has passed and I couldn't even salvage the last pair, but my love of slightly tweaked flip-flop straps has remained.  I just think they make the shoes look a little more substantial; just a little.  Thus, you can imagine my pleasure, when I discovered at a recent Havaianas event a new "silhouette" of flip-flop, if you will.  Because of the adjustable strap, they're called "Fit."  You can obviously see them above, but also here's a pink pair on actual feet (sorry for the pink overload).


Well, I continue to mourn the old Puma versions, but I guess maybe I will love again one day.  Or at least have a rebound fling.

xo – N.

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