By Nora Zelevansky / August 4th, 2010

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I'm in heaven.  Yup.  Like in the song.  And, for that reason, I'm going to make this snappy and then return to luxuriating in my heavenly digs.

I am currently up in Northern Cali, researching a story, at my most favorite new place in the world: The Farmhouse Inn.  Suffice it to say, there are beautiful gardens all over.  We were welcomed with sparkling water infused with herbal syrups.  By the front desk, there are bowls of homemade bath salts, milks, scrubs and even soaps laid out in a loaf to be sliced like bread–all just for the taking to be used in the room's enormous tub.  There are cookies delivered every afternoon.  And today I'll be experiencing a spa treatment that I am pretty sure will blow my mind.  And the room … THE ROOM!  I'm deeply in love.  I'm staying in a Barn Suite, which is just decorated in my most favorite way.  It's modern and contemporary, but also organic and comfortable with an indoor/outdoor fireplace, Adirondack chairs on the private garden-side outside area, a steam shower and a HEAVENLY bed.  I won't even start on the wine and the s'mores, cooked at your leisure over the communal fire pit.

I never want to leave.

Thus, I am signing off now.  No offense, but I'm off to pretend the real world doesn't exist and that I just live in a universe where everything smells like lavender and someone else bakes me treats.  Treats like the famed daily breakfast here (see below).

Picture 19

Yup, they have famous mascarpone & berry french toast.

See?  I'm in heaven.  Wish you were here!  But in your own room.  This one is MINE.

xo – N.

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  1. Beautiful gardens around the country. We welcome the injection of soda with herbal medicine. To the front, with bowls of homemade bath salts, milk, soap and rub, and even provides for bread, like sliced bread only to take part – will the huge bathtub in the room to use. Issued every afternoon with biscuits. Today, I encounter a spa treatment, I’m sure will blow my mind. The room … the room! I deeply love. I live in a barn suite, it is only in my favorite way to decorate. It’s modern and contemporary, but also organic and indoor / outdoor fireplace and comfortable Adirondack chairs on the side of a private garden outside the area, steam shower and the Heavenly Bed. I will not even start on the wine and s’mores, your leisure in the community fire pit cooked food.That is perfect,i want to go wherever has many good thing to eat.

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