LA (AND BEYOND): SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION [Beauty’s Take on Capsule Collections]

By Nora Zelevansky / November 19th, 2010


Since it's Friday and you probably already have one foot out your office door, might as well read my article, running in Sunday's Los Angeles Times "Image" section about how the beauty industry is catching on to the "capsule" collection trend.

Then read it in print on Sunday too!  It's an all me all the time weekend.  Sorry.


xo – N.

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  1. Hi Derek. very useful fbeceadk thanks. Actually, I have Cassuto in my library, but haven’t read it yet. And yes, I have come to the same conclusion regarding many liberal commentaries they are very scholarly and unemotional. I once explained to a very liberal pastor that we don’t all read Josh McDowell (nothing wrong with his books, just very black and white’ and simplistic and in some instances way beyond scientific rigour). I have heard of Adele Berlin and you have aroused my curiosity with Jacob Milgrom. Again, many thanks for taking the time to respond, despite your very busy schedule it is much appreciated. And I can’t wait for your blog on commentaries Shalom Aleichem brother.

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