By Nora Zelevansky / February 14th, 2011


Well, I can't say this is the longest clip I've ever posted, BUT it is Monday after The Grammy Awards, so let's just start small.

Bleh.  Now that I made that reference to Grammys as if I like went wilding all last night, doing body shots off Lady Gaga, let me just clarify: I don't even watch The Grammys.  The only shots I did today were "wellness" related and from Earth Bar.

Eh.  Even that's a lie cause I had one of their Amazon Immunity smoothies that I love instead.  (SO GOOD).

Anyway, now that I'm done with true confessions, here's a link to Travel + Leisure's annual story about the "Best Affordable Beach Resorts," which I've found is a great resource when planning trips.  I only wrote one of the mini-blurbs on a property in Maui called Paia Inn, but the whole shabang is worth reading.

After you peruse the "Best & Worst Dressed" from The Grammy's, of course.  Cause that I actually do partake in.

Gotta love leather and grommets.

xo – N.

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  1. ACAP wow! years ago I was in the Jaycee’s in Auburn and we used to do fund raisers for ACAP way back then, then I bemcae a foster parent and employee of DSHS and had several children in ACAP as well as picked up kids there for visits with their parents!!! It is a great daycare, one of my favorites out of the ones I transported to and from. Way to go, good for you for trying to help them out!!!

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