By Nora Zelevansky / April 18th, 2011

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Like any mostly sane person, I have been a dedicated Urth Cafe fan for as long as I've lived in or near LA.

When I left for college in California, my parents also moved to LA (sort of a coincidence and a long story).  But I still went home to NYC for holidays to see my friends.  Otherwise I worried my legs would atrophy from never walking.

ANYWAY, when I would return to the sunny left coast with my joints greased, my parents would pick me up at the airport and whisk me off to Urth Cafe.  That always felt like my official re-entry into my sanctified Cali world.

Even after all these years, I don't often stray from my Urth Salad order (feta cheese, hearts of palm, chickpeas, olives, a baguette on the side – what else does a girl need?), though sometimes I do add a sticky bun at the end for dessert.  SO chewy and wonderful!

But yesterday, I noticed that they'd added these boba teas to the menu.  Now, that in itself is not so special, since boba tapioca balls had a Pinkberry level moment in LA several years ago.  But at Urth Cafe, not only are they using good high-end ingredients, but you can opt for soy, rice or ALMOND (yay!!!) milk instead of regular in your blended boba drink.  In short, as a lactard, I can still drink these mofos.

I used to be able to get a soy version at Zen Zoo, but – alas – that place is no more.  (R.I.P.!)  This is even better anyway cause it's almond milk (or so I keep telling myself).

I have TOTALLY gotten on board for the almond milk trend, which is also having a Pinkberry level moment, as we speak.

At least until someone decides that too many almonds are toxic and cause wrinkles, dysentery and erectile dysfunction.

But for now I be chillin' with my boba in hand.

xo – N.

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