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  2. As a former cticelolon guy, there are multiple ways to skip trace an individual. When he opened up a new bank acct they may have run his credit. When they did this all inquiries are listed on your credit report, which include all your current information. That’s how they were able to acquire the new info. A bad debt will not be a criminal offense. however, if not resolved can and will become a judgment. Pay the debt, 480 is cheap compared to jacked up credit. Good luck

  3. The Perry Mason novels were a form of mytersy stories where the detective is a lawyer and the solution occurs in a courtroom. Erle Stanley Gardner often educated his readers by mentioning new technology or medico-legal facts; they often warned of scams and swindles. A real life trial is not as dramatic as these stories. Dramatic events did occur in some of Earl Rogers’ cases. Some may criticize the tactics of Perry Mason but most stories were written before the modern legal rules of the 1960s. Gardner was a founder of The Court of Last Resort that worked to reverse unjust convictions. The prices date these stories, as do the automobiles. The monetary figures from the 1950s are far out of date; multiply by ten (or more) for today’s figures. The TV stories are the simplified and condensed versions of the original novel; names could be changed. [Does anyone recognize the background view from Perry Mason’s office window?] The Case of the Silent Partner begins at the flower shop where Mildred Kimber raises orchids. Harry Marlow wants to buy into her business, but his offer is rejected. A nightclub owner has rooms upstairs for gambling. Mr. Kimber loses and offers his stock in the business as payment. Marlow wants to buy the stock to become a silent partner. Mildred calls for Perry Mason. Lola Flore tells Mildred how she can get the stock back. Later Lola calls Perry Mason to tell about eating poisoned candy. They arrive in time to save her. Mildred Kimber denies knowing Lola. Perry visits Sam Lynk’s home to find him murdered. A pill box has Mildred’s name; she found her husband’s gun by the body of Sam Lynk. The police arrive to charge Mildred with murder. Where is her husband? Marlow visits Perry to tell what he knows about Lynk’s murder (the card game was rigged); he wants the stock. After Lola returns home things heat up. But Perry solves the crime. The Case of the Crooked Candle begins in a beauty salon where there is an appointment for a Mrs. Joseph Bradford. Two women answer to this name! Just a coincidence? Joseph Bradford the land developer is going out of town on his boat. His wife can’t find him. That night she hears a noise in the house. Could it be the second Mrs. Bradford? She visits Perry Mason for his help. Perry visits the property and talks to the shepherd who previously owned the land. Perry goes to Bradford’s boat and finds a body. The other Mrs. Bradford first found the body face up. Perry and the police found the body face down! Why was a candle in an oblique position? Perry and Della return to the boat and find a clue. Then a witness tells something in court to free his client.

  4. exactly what that person said there IS a dicfreenfe between contralto and alto its not a synonym you know know your facts and learn music they are NOT interchangeable like many people make them look like they are NOT the same alto- denoting a specific vocal range in choral singing without regard to factors like tessitura, vocal timbre, vocal facility, and vocal weight contralto is WITH regard to those things they are not the same so learn the facts next time plz

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