By Nora Zelevansky / October 14th, 2010

I want this.

Sadly, I am one of like a million people.  It's totes sold out.  But how cute?  I mean, I know military is supposedly one of this season's thangs, but who knew that extended to lacquer?

It's possible that I would look half dead with this on my nails.  I did with the grey everyone loves so much.  Cause I'm pale like a, well, pale person.  But I would feeeel cute, even looking kinda sickly.

I want it anyway.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / August 13th, 2010

Picture 2

The Best Link Today:

Hi Guys.  So, I feel like this really doesn't require a lot of fanfare or explanation: Go onto Refinery 29 and you can enter to win 3(!) Rebecca Minkoff bags.  I mean, are you KIDDING me?  Like, sign me up times twelve!

If any LINTERS happen to win, do let us know so we can live vicariously!!

xoxo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / April 14th, 2010


What's up, Ace?  Yeah, YOU, Scoop.  Extra, Extra!  Read all about it!

You know what?  I don't know where I'm going with this.  I wish I did.  But I don't.  I think I just wanted to say "Ace."  And now it's even sadder because I admitted it.

Eh, let's just get to the point:  Ace Hotel is partnering Havaianas to create limited-edition flip-flops that are available starting on April 15th as part of their in-room minibars (don't mistake them for Toblerone and even them!  Though maybe they're less fattening?) and online.  They're $22 a pop (for two–heh) and the website only has 50 pairs available, so get on it.

Get your paper!  Get your limited-edition Havaianas!  Hot off the presses!  Extra, extra!  What?

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / March 12th, 2010

Picture 10 

It's that time of year again … soon to be a seasonal shift, when I start coveting new accessories and clothing. Eh, who am I kidding?  That's all year round.

But here are some beautiful bags that j'adore.  That's French for: I love it, but it will never be mine. LAME.

The above bag is by Maya Yogev of Grai (you might know her signature leather jackets–see below).

Picture 6
Anyway, back to bags … 

Picture 6

I am ALWAYS a Jerome Dreyfuss fan (and wife Isabel Marant is pretty gifted too!) and I love this bag, especially in bright blue.

Picture 11
Picture 14
These above Bare Collection bags were instant classics.  I mean, look at the colors and the beautiful, original silhouettes!  Who wouldn't dream of toting one of these?

Picture 18
This Kooba "Sophie" bag coming out in spring is a thing of beauty and it's actually on the (relatively) affordable side, supposedly at around $325.

Sigh.  Something to ponder all weekend long.  Happy Friday!

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / February 3rd, 2010

Picture 25

The Best Link Today:

If you're anything like me, you spend significant amounts of time marveling at people's inappropriate Facebook status updates from "Sally is deeply depressed and crying out for help" to "Tom is sleeping on the bathroom floor between puking bouts."

Anyway, I heartily approve of this website's "How To Suck at Facebook" instructions (although maybe he should have added something about the new "post your celebrity doppelganger" trend).  Why does everyone think they look like Kursten Dunst?

Now, I'm off to shamelessly "market" my site.  Become my fan!  Become my fan!  BECOME MY FAN!!!

xo – N.



By Nora Zelevansky / January 18th, 2010


Growing up, my sister and I obsessively watched Gigi.  We sang along, imitated scenes and gawked at this extravagant "French" world (where everyone oddly spoke English).  Our favorite scenes to mimic, though, were between Leslie Caron as Gigi and her agoraphobic, but elegant, worldly and snooty "Aunt Alicia" (A-le-Cee-A), who would coach her in everything from table manners to recognizing precious gems ("A topaz?  Among my jewels?  Are you mad?") to choosing the best cigar for a date.  She would criticize Caron's PERFECT face and go on and on about how "impossible" the task was of transforming this gawky young girl into a beautiful woman.

Yeah.  She's ugly.

Anyway, I will stop going on and on about the movie, but the point is that there is this scene (always my favorite), where Gigi tries on all of these incredibly elaborate dresses (most of which are amazing, but just too over-the-top).  Most memorably, one has such an absurdly large appendage at the bodice that it actually covers Leslie Caron's face.

In Golden Globe recapping last night with my sis, she couldn't help but allude to that very dress.  And I couldn't help but laugh and concur.  It seems that this was the year of the strange and unflattering bodice, especially the bizarre, stiff and almost avant-garde bodice with single dip in the front.  And the thing is that, while the dresses were almost cool, they were ultimately mostly super unflattering.

Case and point:

Chloe-sevignyChristina-aguilera Capt.a2d7c7831efe44e3980b398bddb23542.golden_globe_awards___photo_room_cakj163Picture 10

Anyway, in Gigi, she discards all the other beautiful dresses with crazy bodices and chooses a simpler one (see below) with sort of wild birds perched on the shoulders and it is just as flattering as can be.  I'm still learning from that movie today.  Maybe, in Hollywood, we should hold a free screening.

xo – N.


P.S. I would like to watch Ricky Gervais' introduction of Mel Gibson and Meryl Streep's acceptance speech like thirty more times.  LOVE!  Anyone else?


By Nora Zelevansky / January 15th, 2010

Picture 7

When you're down and troubled and you need a helping hand.  And nothing, oh nothing is going right.  Close your eyes and think of me and soon . . . well, soon nothing really.  I'm not going to like appear out of thin air every time you're grouchy.  Gawd.

BUT when I am down and troubled, I like to treat myself.  Maybe retail therapy is sort of twisted, but I'm here to tell you that it works.  Plus, it has no calories.  In fact, I always imagine that you must lose weight shopping.  After all, that's like a couple hours when you're not eating.  Just saying.

Anyway, since the impulse to shop is always inexplicably strongest when one is most broke ("Oh, am I overdrawn on my account?  I guess I'll go shopping!"), one must carefully choose said purchase.  Buyers remorse is no good.

Often, I'll go for a Mistral lotion or soap (which I know you're all sick of hearing about from me).  But it is true that cosmetics are easy purchases that you can use for a long while and don't generally cost as much as say, a new pair of shoes.

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of heading over to the Beverly Hills Hotel to sample and test out some of La Prairie's newest products, including a new line of makeup.  First of all, though the serums and creams can be pricey, the lip colors are not insanely expensive at all and they also serve as lip conditioners (anti-aging and all that).

But I am MOST obsessed with their Cellular Luxe Lip Treatment with SPF 15.  First of all, it has an SPF which just makes me feel virtuous.  Secondly, it has this insanely smooth texture that I just love.  It glides on, it smells nice and it's "conditioning."  Now, I know normally $50 might seem like a lot for a glorified Chapstick.  But, first of all, this is justifiably glorified.  And, second of all, you'll use it constantly and it will make you feel all fancy and well-groomed over and over again.  No matter how broke you may be.

I even love the weight of packaging: It's heavy and feels substantial in a certain way.   Substantial like this post about lip treatment.  Gawd.

Happy weekend, folks!

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / December 3rd, 2009

Picture 10

I know.  I know.  I'm the worst.  All I do is travel and whine about living out of my suitcase and then depart again and leave you poor LINTERS all alone to fend for yourselves.  But I'm sure you've all been busy too, plowing your way through turkey, stuffing, gravy, stuffing, sweet potatoes and stuffing.

What?  I like stuffing.

Well, like you all, I was eating my weight in starches, but in Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C. (with Obama, mais oui–yeah, we totally hang out all the time and play ball and talk policy and stuff) and finally back to good ole NYC.  I was also reading my LA Times story about NYC designers using LA as a testing ground (the whole front page of the style section) and my Martha Stewart story about honeymoon destinations.  Sorry, I felt that I had to slip that in:)

The good news is that I come bearing gifts.  Well, gifts in the form of information, that is, which I will unveil throughout the rest of this week and next:

To begin, in Brooklyn (so working backwards and starting with my final destination, I suppose) at AMAZING foodie heaven BKLYN LARDER: cheese & provisions (where I would like to move in), I discovered a life changing sweet: Beurre et Lait de Chevre (AKA: goat milk caramels)!

Two words: SHUT. UP.

If you're suspicious (and many of you non-lactards may be so), just try them and you will be in heaven.  See, I love a chocolate.  But I REALLY love a caramel and this is one I can eat guilt free.  Also, there seems to be some buckwheat component, so I guess what I'm really saying is that these are a health food.  Voila!

Health food that tastes like a buttery, condensed milky, salty, sweet heaven of caramel greatness.

Thanks to the very friendly folks at BKLYN LARDER, who are very helpful and totally unpretentious (and make a mean broccoli too BTW, not to mention selling amazing cheeses and their own pickled veggies), I tracked the caramel mofos.  First, they get a bunch of their amazing imported Frenchie products via Crossings French Food, who gets these particular caramels via a company called Paris Caramels.

'Nough said, at least in my book.  Of course, you should take that with a grain of salt because "my book" is most likely U is for Undertow, which came out this week.  Yup.  I said it.  I love you, Sue Grafton!

And, yes, I know that made no sense.

xo – N.

P.S. BTW–If you're in Brooklyn and looking for sweets, you should also stop in at new chocolate, wine and coffee bar (and boutique) Nunu Chocolate on Atlantic Avenue.  The owner is from South Africa and sources her cacao from a sustainable farm in Columbia, so she has interesting influences.  They say you have to cross the Atlantic for the best chocolate anyway.  This Atlantic is just a little less vast.


By Nora Zelevansky / September 30th, 2009

Picture 3

You all know, from that recent ELLE article, that I've got a soft spot for all things J Brand.  Well, I have a soft spot for awesome denim leggings and LA shop Diavolina too (usually for shoes).

Is it me or is "soft spots" starting to sound weird?  I'm like starting to envision baby's heads or something.  Creepy. Whatever.

Anyway, all my favorite "soft spots" come together, as Diavolina has the exclusive on J Brand's new Mulberry, Charcoal and Navy Denim Leggings.  Don't worry non-LA LINTERS, you'll also be able to buy the leggings online at

Between these and some of the new Wolford tights, I think I'll have my legs covered for fall.  Punny punny girl.

So, bring on the falling leaves.  Or, in the case of LA, 70 degree weather.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / August 11th, 2009

Picture 4

After a very unfortunate incident with my Blackberry Curve (it experienced a quick painless death and never suffered, I am told and I choose to believe), I went to my corner Sprint store and was quickly talked into a brand new Blackberry Tour instead of the inexpensive replacement.  BAD, LINTY!

I felt guilty for like a millisecond (jeez, thank goodness that's over–I almost broke a sweat).  But then I went for it and since then it's been a love affair of epic proportions: I'm talking sweeping music, feeding each other chocolate dipped strawberries, late night phone calls for hours on end, butterflies in my tummy etc. 

Ew.  "Feeding each other chocolate dipped strawberries"–that is so cheesy and molested and Bachelorette.

Anyway, that's all.  I just wanted to tell you all how much I love it.  The icons are cooler, the design is sleeker, the keypad is this great rubbery consistency and has these impressions for your fingers, so typing on a hand-held has NEVER been easier.  (I find an iPhone very tricky in that regard).  Instead of just Brickbreaker, the thing has a word game (love!) and even Texas Hold 'Em.  It's just the bestest Blackberry a girl could ask for . . . Oh, so dreamy.

xo – N.