By Nora Zelevansky / April 7th, 2009

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The Best Link Today:

Okay, today I seriously mean "BEST LINK TODAY," at least for me and the other House fans, who were left to wonder why those evil producers killed off one of our favorite characters.  I don't want to be a spoiler, but you have to literally live under a rock to have missed this buzz, so . . .

Anyway, Zap 2 It reports today that the reason why Kal Penn left was not plot-driven or salary renegotiation-driven or even "I have a big movie career now"-driven.  The dude left a huge hit TV show to, YUP, join Obama's administration.

And, as if he wasn't already my favorite member of House's underling team, now I love him even more!!!  I don't know whether to be psyched or even more devastated.  All I know is, it would have been much cooler to have him disappear or quit or something, so he could come back, if that whole Obama/White House thang got old.  I wonder if he's surprised by the outpouring of freak out.

Maybe he wants to be President too?  Hmm . . . does Kumar's druggy past bode badly or well?

Only time (and not House) will tell.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / April 6th, 2009


Do I look sick?  A bit green?  Like I'm going to be ill?  That's because I'm doing my taxes today and, truly, all these numbers make me queasy.  Well, it's really because my camera has some weird yellow hue lately, but the gnarly color is still reflective of my feelings.

Last night's House episode didn't help either.  If anyone has the 411 on that little surprise, I'd love to hear?  In my home (and across this great nation yesterday evening), you could just hear House fans shrieking, "Why??? WHY???"

So, in honor of taxes and mourning, I'm skipping my post today.  Well, I'm skipping a real post anyway.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / March 31st, 2009


The Best (Other) Link Today:

Okay, okay.  I know I'm stretching the Crumpled Twenty definition yet again.  BUT.  Did anyone watch House last night?

I'm a huge Mos Def fan.  But awhile back, The Dreswer and I heard some oddball Hollywood rumor about him going AWOL on some project (no memory of the deets).  But I remember that we were surprised and thought maybe it was a misunderstanding.

But then last night in the flash back/fantasy scenes on House, he was like slurring.  And we started wondering if Hugh Laurie peered at him with a perplexed expression because he was acting (as House) or if he was actually worried about Mos Def.

I think maybe I am.

But maybe I'm just reading into things?

This is how rumors get started . . .

xo – N.