By Nora Zelevansky / February 11th, 2010

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Actually, I take the title of this post back: there's actually no excuse for the word "whoopie."  BUT I am really enjoying the above FarmHouse Fresh "Whoopie" Cream.  Get your mind out of the gutter!

No, but seriously, I can't really explain the name.  BUT you know I was excited when this pretty little glass jar of shea butter lotion arrived at my house because I love all things shea butter and super dense lotions.

Yes, Andre: lotion.  I know.  You're doing a Silence of the Lambs impression as we speak.  Charming.

Anyway, the cream is a brand new product from the Texas based company and it seems to be quite hydrating, just like I like them.

Like Lalicious' Sugar Kiss lotion and Jaqua's Butter Cream body butter (which I LOVE), this smells like a variation on cake batter.  I realize that's not everybody's thing all the time (I mean, what is?), but it can be quite nice, when you're in the mood.  And I do admit that I'm shamelessly charmed by the old fashioned glass jar.  So Anne of Green Gables to me.  Should we go get drunk on cordial?  Is that a thing even?

Anyway, this lotion really doesn't make you want to "make whoopie," but it does make you want to bake a cake.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / October 21st, 2009

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Guess whose back?  Back again . . .

Okay.  I'm going to stop before I start rapping about something really disturbing like pain killer addiction or my ex-wife Kim.  Me rapping in general might be kind of disturbing.  Anyway, I'll also stop before I start referring to myself as SLIM LINTY.  Really it would be SLIM "but could stand to lose a couple pounds" LINTY.

Anyway, sorry I've forsaken you all for so long, but I was off traveling the high seas in search of treasure (cause that sounds way better than traveling for work).  I was in Tahiti and Bora Bora though, which I HIGHLY recommend, and then NYC.  But more on that later.

I figure we should ease back in and start slow.  I know I've hurt you before, so I need regain your trust, right?  So, I'll just tell you about the flight over.  Or let me amend that: I won't tell you about the eight plus boring hours of actual flying, but I will share tasty tidbits about the goody bag they offer to all the B.C. travelers on Air Tahiti Nui.

First of all, I should preface this by saying, I don't give a hoot about eye masks and the like. I don't even like them, as–when paired with ear plugs once in Mexico City–I awoke and panicked, thinking I was blind and deaf (and clearly dumb as dirt).  That last part was true.  Still.

Anyhoo, this travel ammenity bag has the usual ear plugs, eye mask, tooth brush and paste, comb, Smints etc.  But it also had a selection of L'Occitane products!  A indidvually packaged "Cleansing Cloth" refreshes, a mini "Cooling Hand Cream Gel" is heavenly, since your skin does start to get really dehydrated after an eight hour stint in recycled air.  But, best of all, the airline gifts these amazing "Shea Butter Anti-Drying Lip Balms" and I am OBSESSED!

Now, you know I really like a lip balm and I LOVE shea butter, so it's no surprise, but this is hands down one of my favorite Chapstick alternatives ever.  It's big and fat and the texture isn't sticky, but it's thick enough to stay on.  I just ADORE it!

So, thank you Air Tahiti for the lip balm.  Oh, and for getting me safely to Tahiti.  That was good too.

xo – N.