The Bestselling Paperback! (Well, One Week)

By Nora Zelevansky / August 9th, 2012

I don’t know in what romantic ways I imagined I might spend my time as a new author.  Maybe wistfully staring out at sea … from my Brooklyn apartment window.

In reality, I waste hours (between trips to bookstores to stare without purpose at copies of my novel on “New Paperbacks” tables) checking various websites to gauge how Semi-Charmed Life is fairing out in the world.  Occasionally, I’m rewarded with a new positive rating or review or a low Amazon Rank (which I recently wrote about authors obsessively checking for The Huffington Post), but most of the time I’m just staring at numbers, having no real sense of what they mean.

So, last week, when I awoke to find an email in my inbox with a link to the above from my friend L.T. (the blogger behind Hollywood Housewife and also the wonderfully generous person who threw me an amazing LA book party), I was thrilled.  Basically, Book Soup, which is one of LA’s treasured bookstores (yeah, people read there too—A LOT), posted their weekly top sellers on their site and my book topped the list!  Finally, a metric I could understand!

Of course, I was beyond excited.  So excited, in fact, that I stopped checking Amazon … for at least a few extra hours.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / January 21st, 2010

Picture 9

The way I see it, there's an upside to these occasional "Shameless Self-Promotion" posts and it's not just that I get to talk about myself.  More.  Not just that I get to talk about myself MORE.

No, but seriously, this way you get several stories in one: You can read about spas for any budget in my Daily Candy Travel (like Utah's Amangiri pictured above).  You can hear about brushes with fame on the Upper West Side in the 80's in my Huffington Post story or learn about the custom wedding dress experience in my first person feature in Town & Country Weddings.  You can even consider honeymoon destinations via my stories in Martha Stewart Honeymoons and Martha Stewart Weddings.

Or you can ignore this post altogether and hold out for tomorrow, when things on the LINT go back to normal (a.k.a. I obsess about food and jeans).

Choose your own adventure.

xo – N.