Shameless Self-Promotion: My Latest Articles

By Nora Zelevansky / January 17th, 2013

Well, folks, it’s been a while since I shared a slew of articles, so I guess I’ll just get down to it.  New Year.  Same me (and you!).  Yay!

But, seriously, it’s either this or ramble on for hours about The Bachelor and, honestly, it’s too early in the season for that.  Sean is the “Most Sincere Bachelor Ever.”  He’s falling for a trick who he thinks has a good heart.  She’s not there for the right reasons!  Whatever will he do?  (I mean, besides keep her until there are five girls left and then finally see her true colors.)  Why don’t the Bachelors and Bachelorettes ever believe the other contestants when they try to forewarn, when they themselves have seen, during their respective past seasons, that the other contestants have unique incite and are probably telling the truth?  But I digress.

Anywaaaaay … back to the articles.  Because we’re highbrow.  And we like to read.

1. In January’s Town & Country, I wrote a personal essay about the trials and tribulations of developing a big chest for their LOOKING GLASS section called: TO HAVE AND HAVE NOT.  (The story may or may not still be available on newsstands, as the February issue has likely already dropped.)  You may also want to check out the magazine’s new website, as it just launched in earnest and it looks fantastic.

BTW the personal essay includes snippets about growing up on the Upper West Side, which is partially what inspired parts of my still new novel, SEMI-CHARMED LIFE.  Not to be pushy (ahem, ahem), but if you haven’t yet grabbed a copy, now is the time!

2. In this month’s ELLE (that’s the February issue), I offer a sneak peek into Once Upon a Time actress Ginnifer Goodwin’s lifestyle and Hollywood Hills home.  (Hint: She loves tea!)  It’s both a profile and a design piece, so check it out.  It’s currently on newsstands.

3. For this past Sunday’s Los Angeles Times “Image” section, I wrote a story called Beckley Joins The Cool Kids about new shop Beckley opening on LA’s Third Street.  (The area is a local favorite, cool strip of independent boutiques and restaurants near West Hollywood and also where I used to live.)  The store’s owner Melissa Akkaway also launched her own clothing line last year, Beckley By Melissa, and those pieces are worth ogling online too.  I believe there’s a sale happening as we speak?  Also, look out for spring’s Beetle-Print Party Dress.  It’s on my “MUST HAVE” list.

4. Lastly, it hasn’t come out yet, but this Sunday’s “Image” section will likely include another story by me about a new cool, artsy store opening, helmed by a fabulous and interesting chick.  I can’t say more, but keep your eyes peeled!

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / October 19th, 2010


You may have seen yesterday's Daily Candy, which I wrote about Olio Pizzeria on the corner of Crescent Heights & Third.

The story kinda speaks for itself (if the above picture doesn't seduce you alone).  But I'd just like to tell a little tale–a fable really–to underline the fact that you need to check this place out:


Once upon a time, like two months ago, a girl was sitting on her couch watching something really intellectually stimulating like ABC Family's Make It or Break It.


Suddenly, her husband came home, all out of breath and excited.  (He wasn't out of breath BECAUSE he was excited though.  It was because he doesn't get enough exercise and there are steps leading up to our–I mean, their–apartment.)

Anyway, he handed her a pamphlet and said that someone was giving out samples because they'd be opening a new pizza place in our neighborhood soon and that the pizza was amazing.

The next day, after a VERY filling brunch, the girl and two of her bffs were walking down the street, when she remembered the guy giving out samples.  Despite their stuffed bellies, the girls wandered over to his corner, where a crowd had formed around a mobile pizza kitchen.

The pizzas were instead awesome (and the owner was the NICEST GUY EVER), but then–just as the girls were leaving and felt they couldn't eat another bite of food–he handed them his version of a danish.  It was wood-fired on pizza dough with lemon cream, fresh blueberries and a bit of burnt brown sugar and it was the best thing EVER.

In fact, the most stuffed girl among them, who had at first rejected even a bite, asked if she could eat the rest.  Then they got into a HUGE bloody fight and tore each other limb from limb over the danish!

No.  That last part never happened.  But the story needed a little excitement, no?

Anyway, run don't walk.  That's the moral of our tale.  That and you should totally watch Make It or Break It.  And Drewser should get more exercise.

The End.

xo – N. 


By Nora Zelevansky / April 23rd, 2010


Happy Friday, Linters!  And what a happy Friday it is.  And not just because Earth Day is over and now we can return to our regularly scheduled programming (or more varied emails from retailers).

Today Vanity posted my story, Up in the Aero, on the closing of Aero & Co. boutique and the history and future of the Third Street area.

So, read it, if you feel so moved.  Then go have your lovely weekend!  And that's an order.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / March 11th, 2009


The Best Link Today:

Blackburn + Sweetzer reports (via Daily Dish) that Italian stallion La Terza in the Orlando Hotel (around the corner from me) will be lowering its price point and relaunching as Minestraio.  All good with me, so long as I can still get a glass of my (low class, but oh so tasty) Lambrusco this summer.

I mean, truly, what could be better than sparkling red wine?

Maybe amazing Italian food–from the guys behind Angeleni Osteria's lasagna with crispy spinach–on the corner, now for less duckets?


Ciao, Bellas.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / February 18th, 2009


(Toast's Treats–I Know, I Know, You're Over Cupcakes, But Bear With Me)

Food, glorious food!  It's been days.  I mean days.  So, here I am back to the topic of stuffing my little face (which may not be so little, if I keep scarfing food, glorious food).  But anyway . . .

Forgive me father (or whoever) for I forgot my trusty camera on this jaunt, so the pics are compliments of my Blackberry phone, which may or may not really do the eats justice.  Anyway, I went to a meeting the other day to discuss the soon-to-launch new Narciso Rodriguez fragrance, Essence (which, incidentally, is his first in six years and smells citrus-y and delish), with a New Yorker and an Angeleno, neither of whom had ever eaten at Toast.

Now, if you ask Andrew, the lines at Toast are prohibitive ("Just because the Olsen twits eat there–"), BUT, Sunday brunch notwithstanding, lunch lines are not so heinous and the food is actually kind of worth it.  (Also, the place is a hop, skip and a jump from my house on indie boutique-lined Third Street, so a no-brainer for wandering by foot).  Sure, the menu offers mostly your usual LA lunch fare (although quite a large selection), but the ingredients always taste super fresh and they happen to have the best fruit salad around: think fresh mango, blackberries and papaya.  I like the passion fruit iced tea too.

Anyway, I most often order the Chicken Chow Salad (see below), so that I have an excuse to consume either their AMAZING onion rings or their extra flavorful sweet potato fries.  (What? Sometimes a girl needs a side!)  Fries on the side . . .


And, while I know many of us are BEYOND over cupcakes, my NYC lunch partner in crime rightfully had to try some of Toast's famed baked goods, so we ordered (ahem) FOUR.  How else were we to truly sample? A focus group needs a wide range, no?

I have always been partial to Doughboys' Red Velvet cake, but since they closed their doors (sniff, sniff) last year, I haven't gotten around to actually ordering one via their site.  Turns out that Toast's Red Velvet Cupcake (which is such a popular cupcake flavor in LA that it should become the citywide mascot) is pretty damn good, though still not quite Doughboys.  (I know my friend, Lady Lo disagrees and is all about the Toast version though, right, Lo?)

And, while the chocolate peanut butter couldn't be bad, I still think the Joan's on Third chocolate and peanut butter cupcake reigns supreme, as it's like an elevated Hostess Cupcake with chocolate filling the middle.  BUT Toast's coconut version and the regular yellow cake with pink frosting version (sorta a la old school birthday cake–a personal favorite dessert) were both totally delicious.  In fact, I went back a couple days later solo to answer a craving.  Not this salt addict's usual fix.

So, here's a toast to Toast!  Chin chin, cheers and all that jazz . . . right, cupcake?

xo – N.

Joan's On Third's Peanut Butter Chocolate Cupcake. (It Looks Like a High-End Hostess, Right?) And Then Some Other Pretty Exquisite Looking Creations.)***

***These pics were stolen from the Joan's On Third site.  It's true.  What can I say?  I just HAD to share them with the world:)

A couple other key LA cupcake spots:
Crumbs (also in NYC and Beyond)

P.S. For some Beverly Hills sweets action, check out Food Marathon's take.


By Nora Zelevansky / February 12th, 2009


(Sigerson Morrison Shoes . . . Sigh . . . I love these ballet flats the mostest)

I am a Sigerson Morrison whore.  Screw Carrie and her Manolos (although, okay, I'd surely take those too), I am just a sucker for the Sigerson Morrison crossover silvery gold and even, yup, rose gold-hued shoes. I do love me some Louboutins too, but I'm sharing this specific SM love for a few reasons:

1. As with any forbidden love affair, I want to scream from the rooftops (but not in a creepy Tomkat kind of way).

2. There's a Sigerson Morrison boutique right around the corner from my house on Third Street and I noticed that they've started their semi-annual 70%-off sale.  The pain, the pain . . .

3.  If you're anything like me, you can't read another damn story about octuplets, Christian Bale, Chris Brown, Brangelina (just always, right?), "David After Dentist" (which I don't even think is funny BTW–like, disturbing much?) or the fucking economy.

4. If you don't know already, you all should be aware that Sigerson Morrison has a lower price point line called Belle and, while it's not AS fantastic, I did just find a pretty pair of patent flats at starlet-hive Kitson.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it appears that my cat Waldo is a also a Sigerson Morrison obsessive.  No, really, he LOVES putting his paws in SM shoes and I'm pretty sure that–in a cat–this deeply ingrained fashion sense is one of those "miracles" of tiny proportions like a Jesus-shaped potato chip or whatever.

The world deserves to witness the phenomenon for themselves, no?

0209WALDO SHOES0209WaldoShoes2

Maybe I've officially lost it.  Or maybe you have.

xo – N.

P.S. Do you have a favorite dreamy shoe line?  Or a pet with a shoe fetish?  Share and share alike!