By Nora Zelevansky / March 6th, 2009


(Photo From Glamour)

The Best Link Today:

This may seem a little pathetic to you naysayers and haters out there, who just don't get it, but I was (and remain) a loyal Gilmore Girls fanatic. Yeah. I said it.  Without (much) shame.  So, when I saw Refinery 29's image of Alexis Bledel as Rosie The Riveter, you know I just had to peek.

Turns out Glamour's 70th Anniversary issue features an "American Icons" spread for which they've dressed up a bunch of young starlets as feminist (or at least prominent) figures in history.  I have a hard time with Hayden Panettierieclothbathrobe.  She just BUGS for some reason (grrrr–it's me, not you), but once I got through an image of her as Amelia Earhart (and a slightly uncomfortable image of Emma Roberts as Audrey Hepburn cause there's like zero resemblance and it sort of makes Emma seem coarse), I was rewarded with images of America Ferrera as Dolores Huerta, Paula Patton as Billie Holiday, Elisha Cuthbert as soccer player Brandi Chastain in the first Women's World Cup and Alicia Keys as Michelle Obama (which I guess is a little odd cause Michelle is so current, but still sweet).  Even The Lohan as Madonna kinda works.  Glamour, more than a lot of other mags, emphasizes women's issues, which is cool.

Side note: Refinery's Pipeline also mentioned that Echo Park's Show Pony is going out of business after this weekend.  So sad, but I guess this is the way of the moment.  Worth stopping by, I'm sure:)

Now, I'm going to watch old Felicity, My So-Called Life and Gilmore Girls episodes and sulk.  Toodles.

xo – n.

P.S. Isn't the Internet great?  Now I know there are other lunatics like me, who actually created some of these sites.  YAY us!!!!

P.P.S.  What's your favorite canceled show??

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  1. Suddenly feel less embarrassed about my Gilmore Girls re-runs on ABC Family habit. But the best canceled TV show is obvs Freaks and Geeks, and not *just* because of James Franco, but maybe a little. And my other boyfriend Jason Segal.

  2. Regarding your trigger job. I have been cineaoutd by many a shooter against doing anything to the trigger of a carry gun. In their opinion, a sharp lawyer would use that in an attempt to prove that you adjusted your gun to make it easier to kill someone.Personally, I would love to have some of the pre-travel slack taken from my XD. I’ve actually had a gunsmith tell me that they would not do a trigger job on it if I carry it.What are Xavier’s Thoughts?

  3. 1. I like to keep a consistent color schmee throughout with the exception of the kids’ rooms. They get lots of input but I keep control of the final decision by gently steering them this way or that ..the power of suggestion is an amazing thing. :^) Does that make me a monster mom?RE: the painting .as long as you stay fairly light with the gray I wouldn’t think you’d have to repaint for resale because the gray would still be in the neutral family. 2. We have 4 kids so animals are out for us. But the absolute BEST vacuum ever is the Dyson, and I think they have one for pets and their hair, etc. I love my Dyson so much I bought a second one for the upstairs so that I don’t have to lug a vacuum up and down the steps. Well, actually, the new one stayed in the downstairs and the old one went up. :^)

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