By Nora Zelevansky / February 16th, 2010

Picture 9

Sometimes you feel like a robe.  Sometimes you don't.  Unless you're me.  Then you feel like wearing a robe all the time and it has to be ripped from your slovenly clutches.

Still, all robes are not created equal.  Ever since Andre made me throw out my trusty blue "plush" polyester favorite (years ago and yes, I'm still pining), I've been making my way through a bevy of hotel robes of the cozy terry cloth and cotton variety (usually with my initials embroidered across the upper left side).

They are pretty awesome, I admit.  But every once in a while I get a hankering for something pretty and less PRACTICAL.

Recently, I've come across quite a few options in that arena: I could happily hang out all day in the above Plum Pretty Sugar Jardin Bleu robe or Dream Sacks' bamboo Geisha number (out of Ashland, Oregon).

And Andrew would NEVER make me throw those out.  Right?  That's loungerie alright.

xo – N.


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  1. The robe in your photo is on my list of items I constantly ‘hint’ about wanting to my man. So pretty. Though, its definitely one of those robes you can’t answer the door wearing unless you’re looking to put on a show (or you are wearing another layer beneath it)

  2. Thank you sooooooooooooooo much for thinking of Plum pretty Sugar! Such a sweet treat to read your kind words. Goodness! Thank you a whole ton! xo

  3. Oh–my pleasure. I am totally IN LOVE with your stuff!

  4. Okay:1) I’m glad you posted the pics b/c all of boggling women were trying not to have to beg for them and give you a chance first 2) Loving the family photo. And Angela’s hair do is looking fantabulous 3) I was cracking up at your reference of very little slumber, and lots of party, when I saw the tshirt of when of Lily Kate’s friend: Love to Party those are my kind of girls.4) I’m in VA after 10 hours of driving today, and I have about 10 more so I’m delirious and need to stop while I make any bit of sense!

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