By Nora Zelevansky / August 17th, 2010

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This week on Bachelor Pad, crazy Tenley vomited in her own pie and then ate it.  And that's not a euphemism.

People, if you are not watching this show, you are CRAZY.  And also probably holding onto your brain cells a little longer.

Never fear, it's not too late: In the "Scenes From Next Week," it looks like Wes actually deigns to play that same shit love song from his Jillian season ("Girl, Love Don't Come Easssy"–and apparently neither does writing a second song) for Gia and she actually compares him to Shakespeare.

Does this chick NOT watch TV?  Apparently, her breast implants didn't come with a complimentary brain.  Or satellite dish.

xo – N.

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  1. Gia is the dumbest person alive, Tinley might actually be a 3 year-old in an adult’s body and Elizabeth scares the living crap out of me. Seriously. I had nightmares.

  2. Gia drove me nuts last night! She totally threw Craig under the bus and then was pissed at the other girls for not following her plan to save him. Um, own up to your guilt and confess that you’d rather cheat on your boyfriend with lame-o Wes than honor your word, which apparently is not as good as gold. I’m not saying Craig was worth saving but picking Wes? Honestly?

  3. I agree with you both. Gia might have a silicone brain and Tenley may need to be institutionalized. And David, who I’m pretty sure is a date rapist and/or wife beater after seeing him on Bachelorette, is coming off okay???

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