A Couple of Firsts: My First Book Event & My First Sighting of SEMI-CHARMED LIFE in Stores!

By Nora Zelevansky / June 28th, 2012

The above left is a picture taken by my sister-in-law K. at my first ever book event this past week (along with a pic of the beautiful Georgetown Cupcakes — fitting because my hubby Drewser is from DC — on hand next to stacks of MY BOOKS)!  And that’s just the beginning of what’s been up, as I’ve gotten closer and closer to the book actually launching on July 3rd!

As you guys know, I’ve never done this whole novel thing before: So far, I know that it takes quite a while and that it’s a lot of hard work.  Now, I am just so grateful and excited to reap the benefits of all that effort (on my part and on the part of my agent and editor etc.)!

First of all, the SEMI-CHARMED LIFE reading, signing & shopping fest (at boutique 143 Ludlow owned by Sophomore designer Chrissie Miller, who I’ve known since my curfew was 11:30pm) was incredibly fun, at least for me.  It was organized in part by Gilt City, who not only created the below beautiful online invitation (which is blurry because I am a technologically challenged, which is code for “a dinosaur”), but also were incredible on the day of the event:

Anyway, I wore this Aryn K. dress that fits like a glove with a new Rag & Bone belt I got for not so much at their recent sample sale (which has changed my wardrobe, but that is really not the point of this post).  The people who attended the book event were beyond lovely, the reading seemed to go smoothly and the signing was probably my favorite part because I got to meet all these interesting and interested people.  And then about 70 of them walked away with my book, taking it out into the world for the first time for the public to actually read.  And that made everything feel amazingly real.

The wine at the party, donated by Suncé out of Sonoma County’s bucolic Russian River area, was not only really good, but they actually surprised me by putting the cover of the book ON the actual bottle labels.  I mean, how amazing is that?  It’s the little things.  And the big thing too (at least when it comes to presents).  I mean you, Drewser!  Aveda, Liz Earle and Stila donated beauty products for the gift bags and that included Stila’s soon to be discontinued (sad!) “Purple Tang” eyeliner that is featured in SEMI-CHARMED LIFE as a prop for marking the main character Beatrice’s way home.

ANYWAY, that was my only preview event.  The book comes out on July 3rd and since that’s a holiday weekend/week (when people will hopefully grab the book as a beach read!), the readings start on July 9th.  I’m traveling all over the country, so definitely do check the “Events” tab on my website for all the info!  Also, join my Facebook Author Page for updates of all kinds on readings, reviews and general book happenings!

So, here I am waiting for the book to show up on July 3rd, when I was surprised to discover my book ALREADY ON SHELVES!!!!!!! at Book Court in Cobble Hill, when I stopped in.  I actually surprised myself, as I literally almost starting crying right there in the store.  (I held it together because I didn’t want to scare the nice staff there.)  I snapped some photos (including the above) and then wandered home impervious to the heat, listening to music on my iPod and feeling … I don’t know … proud of myself.  And that’s a weirdly rare feeling, no?  Too rare, if you ask me.

Anyway, I will stop blathering on now!  More to come, when there’s … well, more to come!

xo – N.

The Lint Collector: The Bachelorette & Tank Tops In Dubrovnik, Scotland

By Nora Zelevansky / June 20th, 2012

Image stolen from … somewhere I can’t remember on the World Wide Web

As has been pretty obvious, I’ve been too swamped lately to post in a timely and thorough fashion, BUT this week’s episode of The Bachelorette could simply NOT go unacknowledged.

First, let’s discuss the elephant in the room … or no longer in the room now that (*SPOILER ALERT!) Ryan got sent to do his last Matthew McConaughey-sounding camera interview on the car ride to the airport: Ryan’s tank top.  On any other day, I would have been writing about his enormous jaw right now or his creepy “no means yes!” vibe.  But this fashion choice bears discussing.

First, yes, it looks like a woman’s tank.  BUT I knew instantly from countless years as a lifestyle journalist in LA that this is in fact a tank by underwear line 2(X)IST (this link is worth a look), designed by gay men for, well, gay men.  (So glad all these years of work have finally paid off.)  At one point a few years ago, I was actually sent the same exact tank top by PR for The Drewser and, well, let’s just say I knew it wouldn’t be his thing.

Did Ryan show up with this tank in his bag?  Was it in the wardrobe closet?  Would he have worn a pink sequined halter if it showed off his muscles because he has no discretion?  These are mysteries we might never discern.  (Although I think the pink sequin thing is a good bet.)

Anyway, Ryan is gone and though I felt a little sorry for his delusional ass, driving away talking about seeing the guys again as they exchanged high-fives about him leaving back at the house, I too am happy to see him go.  But I’d also like to credit him with both my favorite moment in the episode AND a realization:

My Favorite Moment: When Emily comes to pick Ryan up at the house for their one-on-one date (from which he will go home after calling her a “trophy wife” as a compliment and pulling out a hand-written, I have to imagine misspelled list of qualities his wife must possess including being “a servant”), he waxes poetic about their upcoming oyster farming date: “The world is our pearl!” he says.  And then explains that he always looks on the bright side, which is why he didn’t say “oyster.”

Frontrunner Arie is sitting next to him on the couch and is losing his mind with irritation and disbelief at the sheer cheesiness of it all.  With his hoodie up around his ears, he literally groans, rolls his eyes and throws his head back onto couch, echoing sentiments from viewers all across this great nation.  LOVE.  Also a good quote from Jef: “Am I sad that Ryan went home?  That’s a hard one.  NO.”

Meanwhile, seeing the other guys so elated at Ryan’s departure made me realize how much they didn’t like him and how well they hid it.  On other seasons, that issue would have come to the surface and erupted in some macho pissing match.  But there is only one roided out Doug left on this season and the other guys are kind of normal and mellow and have essentially behaved like normal people thus far.  Strange.  A better group than usual, my sister C and friend A.P. and I agreed.

Some other notes: I know they showed a preview of the movie BRAVE, which takes place in Scotland, but why didn’t they just go to Scotland next?  Don’t get me wrong: Croatia is obviously amazing and beautiful.  (Almost as beautiful as Emily, I hear.)  But why go to Croatia, just to dress the men in Kilts and have them compete in (the world’s saddest version of) Highland Games to win their fair lass?  I’m assuming Croatia has at least a little culture of its own that could have been exploited.  No?

Second, don’t tease me!  I thought Doug was going home and I am really ready and then he’s still on (because they need more episodes?).  He’s so uncomfortable at this point.  He just makes me depressed.  At least when John “Wolf” finally speaks, he seems sweet etc.  Plus, he totally secured his position with that touching grandfather story.

Well, at least we got rid of a couple guys, who weren’t ultimately viable for Em.  (Yeah, we’re totally using nicknames now.)

Until next week!  (Or whenever I get it together to write!)

xo – N.