By Nora Zelevansky / May 24th, 2010

Picture 14

If I'm honest, I've been feeling pretty bah humbug about the whole summer thing.  In the last week or so, a few people have mentioned how excited they are for the coming warm weather and mostly I've smiled and nodded insincerely, visions of my un-air conditioned apartment dancing in my head.

But this weekend may have actually convinced me that the coming season, even in dusty dry desert L.A., may be a good thing.  So, if you've been feeling similar trepidation about the coming summer or just want to get into the groove, here are some activities I can recommend:

1. GO BLOND: You'll see above that I threw brunette caution to the wind and lightened my hair up (compliments, of course, of Sheri at Roman Salon), thereby lightening my attitude.  Also, now I look less like a drowned rat.  I was REALLY behind in my grooming.  Next week, Brazilian blowout with Lien, so that I don't have to worry so much about blow drying or frizz when it gets super hot.

2. GO TO REEL INN: Also pictured above, I headed with B.F. and new pal P.C. to everyone's favorite Malibu seafood shack for some fried shrimp and steamed clams and the works!  Just the smell of the ocean and the drive up PCH started to get me excited for beach days!

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3. STOP BY BARNEYS: B.F. & I checked out new summer makeup colors, shoes and clothes (specifically for her upcoming trip to Spain) and stocked up on some of my favorite T. LeClerc concealer.  I fell in love with these Jil Sander mesh shoes. I want them so bad!  Is anyone listening?  Andre??

Picture 18

4. LIE BY THE FOUR SEASONS B.H. POOL: B.F. was staying at the Four Seasons, so we headed there to lie around slathered in sunblock, drinking peach smoothie samples and wading in the squishy padded bottomed pool.  The whole pool area was recently overhauled.  I think you can also use the pool, if you get a spa treatment.  Now THAT sounds like a good afternoon.

5. DRINK EARLY EVENING BEERS AT SURLY GOAT'S NEW OUTDOOR PICNIC TABLES: I mean, as if trying sour beers (SO GOOD!) and new IPAs for the first time wasn't enough, R.S.'s bar has now introduced a hardcore bratwurst and pretzel cart dude.  I mean, what could be better?  I could be biased since the owner R.S. is my friend, but I don't even need to be!

Just five steps and I'm practically ready for summer.  Now where to find that perfect new one piece … anyone?  Anyone?  Where are my mesh shoes?

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / September 16th, 2009

Picture 3

You know how I raved about my "boyfriend jeans"?

Well, now, it should be no surprise that I want the matching "boyfriend blazer" too.

Not that any boyfriend of mine ever wore a blazer.

Well, maybe as a Halloween costume.  "Hey, Baby–How funny is this?  I'm a dude with a job for Halloween!"  Funny.  Very very funny.

Whatever.  The Drewser has a job.  Right, Drewser?

The above Theory masterpiece is drool-worthy in my book (though I think I'd be inclined to wear pants with it).  Or at least leggings.  I think bottoms make a good impression at work meetings.

Anyway, the jacket is in stores and online now.  I know because I tried it on at Bloomies at the Beverly Center and at Barneys.  It still cost the same amount the second time.

You know what's not in stores though?  The perfect leather Theory bomber jacket that I saw at Leohmann's a month back and DIDN'T BUY in a movement of insanity . . . and poverty.  I went back like four times begging them to find it.

I never used to be a Loehmann's girl.  But then I sort of got hooked.  And now I'm all mad again.  How could I have passed up that jacket?  It must be their fault.  They deluded me into thinking everything should be cheaper!

Anyway, maybe I'll have to make it up to myself with this blazer.  Just don't drool on my parade.

xo – N.

P.S.  BTW, a Henri Bendel brand accessory store is opening at The Beverly Center this fall!  Pass it on:)


By Nora Zelevansky / March 6th, 2009


(Miramonte's Kumquat Martini, Magical Hour View, Chicken Wings a.k.a. Andrew's Favorite Eat Of The Weekend, Carpaccio With Caper Berries–YUM–and Andre at The Vineyard Lounge, Still Looking A Bit Tense Post-Drive)

Sometimes, mid-winter, one just needs a break from SoCal's treacherous 70-degree weather.  Poor Angelenos, stuck in the frigid cold.  So, last weekend, we (and some wonderful travel companions who prefer to remain hush hush) headed out to dreamy 85-degree Palm Springs for a little lolling poolside.

No, but seriously, I was sad to miss the pretty east coast snow too.  Sometimes you just crave a little weather, one way or the other.

Anyway, we landed in Indian Wells/Palm Desert (actually about 20 to 30-minutes from Palm Springs) at the recently renovated resort, Miramonte.  (If you want more info on developments in the Palm Springs resurgence from cool kid Ace Hotel to new Riviera Resort & Spa, here is a link to a Palm Springs design story I wrote not long ago for Hospitality Design).  I'd heard rumors that Miramonte's Kumquat Martini (served at The Vineyard Lounge and at newly re-conceived eatery The Grove Artisan Kitchen) was must-try.  Turns out the buzz was deserved: we settled in for cocktails upon arrival (how better to ring in a weekend escape?) and found the drink not overly sweet with a delightful, tangy half kumquat floating atop. 

(Passion Fruit Iced Tea, Pool From Afar, Yummy Fatoush Salad Poolside)

Pool-time the next morning: In lieu of breakfast, I opted for an early lunch while sunbathing (heavy SPF, of course) and the food was delish, as were the comfy lounges.  But this was a weekend of wonderful beverages (including a pricy wine ordered accidentally the night before–#48 from Castelli's wine list, though I would NOT recommend the restaurant), so I need to highlight the totally refreshing passionfruit iced tea.  I mean, really what could be better on a warm Palm Springs winter day?

(The Well Spa's Wishing Well Tokens, Spa Lounges, Salt Water Hot Tubs and The Wishing Well Itself)

Well, no resort weekend is complete–in my overly pampered book–without a spa treatment, especially when the hotel is known for its services.  Now, I spend an inordinate amount of time at spas for work (I know, rough life), so I'm not so much particular as hyper aware of a given haven's offerings.  In my humble opinion, a spa's success is all in the minute details.  I mean, I could write a book on spa water and robes alone.

And The Well Spa did not disappoint: the robes were thin and buttery soft (pockets would make them perfection), the spa water was amply cucumber and citrus-infused (and was also available at the pool), the eucalyptus steam room was truly steamy and tiled in pretty sea tones (although I'm so clumsy that I managed to knock my head on the ceiling–how do I do these things?), the towels were fluffy, the sandals came in actual s,m,l sizes, complimentary hair ties served me well in a pinch (although they're scrunchies–eek), the refreshment counter offered up dried fruit (I hate when they starve you) and the MOST DELICIOUS chamomile lavender tea with lavender picked from a nearby farm.

Andrew thinks tea is an Emperor's New Clothes phenomenon–just watery and bland, but I am in love and drink herbal versions every single night.  Gee, I wonder who has the more developed palate?  Just saying.

I had a Cobblestone Massage (as in Hot Stone), which was nice.  I'm usually a lotion over oil fan, but it's always oil with hot stone and they let me choose my scent (lavender always, unless there's orange blossom–I told you: I go to a lot of spas) and also my music, which I really appreciate.  My esthetician was a tiny bit heavy-handed, not in the massage arena, but when she sort of moved me around into position like I was a piece of meat.  But I know for a fact that this was an anomaly and it was still pretty relaxing.

(Our Room At The Hotel–See My Linea Pelle Clutch On The Bench Totally Matches)

The room itself was lovely and everyone on the first floor gets their own little patio, which is so nice! The hotel is not "cool" per se, but it's not stodgy either–it feels upscale and the service was great.

(A Granite Spiny Lizard Friend We Made At Indian Canyons)

After lunch at a biker bar (odd choice, but a long story and I've ramble enough), we headed out for a short hike near Palm Springs at Andreas Canyon in Indian Canyons.  The above pics don't do the oasis justice, especially this time of year when everything is so green.  We kept mumbling about how beautiful it was, as we wandered just before 5pm closing.

(Yup, The Biker Bar, Where "Easy Rider" Plays On Repeat, We Think)

In my experience, Palm Springs area food can be spotty (and pricey) at best (think banquet chow), but there are two restaurants where I've had good experiences: On Palm Desert's El Paseo, at Armando's Mexican Restaurant a few years ago, I tried Fajitas for the first time.  I know that's weird, but it's just one of those things.  Anyway, I've been eating them as much as possible ever since.  And, though it's kind of a fine-dining commitment, The Colony Palms' Purple Palm poolside resto in Palm Springs is yummy. Palm, Palm, Palm . . .

On the way home, we always take the Apache Trail exit to Morongo Casino (for Andre), Hadley's (Dried Fruit and Date Shake shop, where they sell these rare black dates for my dad) and Desert Hills Premium Outlets (pour moi–but not to be mistaken with Cabazon next door).  We're talking Barneys Outlet, people!!!  I'm broke like everyone else and we were meeting people for lunch at soup dumplings, so this time we only hit Hadley's, but, as always, it was a tasty stop (though Andrew once had a scarring ostrich burger experience).  Maybe he just doesn't like ostrich.

Anyway, all and all, a loverly way to play hooky and a breather from LA's raw winter weather.  Life's hard in SoCal, no?

xo – N.