By Nora Zelevansky / April 29th, 2011

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Yesterday, I became a woman.

But how is that possible, you might wonder, since my Bat Mitzvah was more than a few moons ago?  Didn't I get my child bearing hips that very "beshert" Saturday in November so many years ago?

Well, this is a different kind of development.  On this fine spring day, I bought my first true laptop bag.

Can you hear the bells chime?

Previously, when I had to carry my computer around, I used a sad giveaway backpack from some random StriVectin product launch luncheon.  That earned me audible snickers from my "best" friends.  (I haven't forgotten, girls!  You will feel my wrath!)

Then I moved onto using my beloved Leigh & Luca tote, which I managed to rip after adding too many hardcover books to the mix.  (Yes, I am the one person in America who still buys actual books).  I found myself sans functional carry on in the middle of the Miami airport.

Clearly, it was time for an investment in the real thing, instead of turning perfectly lovely totes into destroyed laptop bags.

I arrived at Fred Segal Santa Monica for a party celebrating the launch of Daily Candy LA Deals and suddenly remembered that – amidst gratis Stila makeover and O.P.I. manicure stations – sat design store Zero Minus Plus.  And I had a credit I'd been meaning to use.  Suddenly remembering that you have a store credit is like finding cash in the pocket of an old jacket or pair of jeans – genius!

Once I walked into the store it only took a moment for the above ro bag to seduce me.  In the past, most other computer bags had looked too masculine, corporate or, well, heinous, but this one – in bright green leather with sweet polka dotted lining and pockets galore – screamed my name.

Actually, so did the company's summer "Wave Bags" (LOVE! See below!), but I figured one bag was enough per day.

See, women, unlike girls, show self-control.  At least for now.

xo – N.

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P.S. This Wave Bag below is called the "Meg Tote" and I think my friend M. should buy it immediately!

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By Nora Zelevansky / October 8th, 2010

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I've ranted and raved before about how much I LOVE Leigh & Luca scarves.  Tis true.  But then, I rant pretty regularly, so maybe you've learned to tune me out.  Well, LISTEN UP, PEOPLE!

In case you missed it previously, I'll say it again for good measure: I LOVE Leigh & Luca.  I think the scarves are just beautiful and perfectly shaped and awesome.  So, when I saw that they were coming out with bags for last season, I was excited to see the results.

And, naturally, the bags are super cool too.  Especially the above feather bag, which I NEED.  NEEEEED.

I don't want to drop any hints, but some people's birthdays are coming up, people.  Like mine for instance.  Is anyone listening?  Here's an idea: Get it before it sells out and hold it for a month until Nov. 12.  Or 'til whatever day the birthday falls.  That's what I'd do.  I mean, for someone else, of course. Just saying.

It's really my subtlety that keeps me so beloved.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / August 28th, 2009


Sometimes I think, as much as I love an amazing bag or pair of shoes, I love an amazing scarf even more.

No, you know what?  I really need to take that back.  Cause I really love bags and shoes.

Wow.  The depth I display sometimes is just unrivaled.

But, anyway, the point is that of all the scarves I love so very very dearly (and I do adore them), Leigh & Luca's are BY FAR my favorites.  Yup.  I love them even more than my Hermès (maybe cause my Hermès isn't the greatest size, but whatever).  You get the picture.  For me, they are the oh so elusive linchpins of my wardrobe.

Leigh & Luca's scarves are amazing: fabrics from milled cotton to the most delicate, softest cashmere, color combinations like camel and fluorescent pink or deep purple and turquoise and sizes large enough to double as airplane blankets (GENIUS!).  For obvious reasons, I covet a new version every season to suit my new mood.  I'm a moody lady, you know?  No, I'm not.  Yes, I am!

So, with that in mind, great news for fall: First of all, the spring and summer collection is now marked down on the site.  I want them all!  AND, best of all, in October the ladies will launch $99 recession-friendly versions (including the "Black & White Butterfly" version worn above).

Dear Scarf Gods,

Thank you for this generous bounty!


Now that I've imparted that bit of good news, I should also tell you that I'm on LINTing vacay through Labor Day and starting today.   Sorry Charlies, but the last few months have been fraught with craziness and sometimes a girl just needs a few days off.  Still, I promise to return with lots of fun news of interesting adventures and unexpected gems blah, blah, blah.

Ugh.  I really need a vacation.  I'm even sick of myself.

At least I promise to return with a little more patience and a lot more energy for writing this thingy I call La Lint de Pocket.  When I'm French.  That's when I call it that.  Okay????

So, I bid you all adieu with dreams of Leigh & Luca scarves dancing in our heads.  Happy, happy days ahead!  And may you buy many back-to-school L & L scarves!

xo – N.

LA (and beyond): THE BEST FROCKS (ON SALE)

By Nora Zelevansky / January 29th, 2009

0109BlogPicsDolanA0109BlogPicsDolan3A0109BlogPicsDolan2A0109BlogPicsDolan1A The perfect frock is invaluable in LA: paired with lovingly worn flip-flops and sunglasses in summer and textured tights, boots (back away from the Uggs, dude, it’s never that cold) and, for me, an unbelievably amazing Leigh & Luca scarf in cooler temps.  Last season dresses almost eclipsed jeans, at least in my closet.

So, it’s no surprise that Cali born and bred designer Jodie Dolan would have an enviable handle on the immaculately chic, but still Cali-lite, day-to-night, sassy, romantic, high class little frock (okay, and tops too–I couldn’t help but add one above).
Well, as indicated on her site, Dolan’s dresses are available all over LA.  But today and tomorrow (1/29-1/30), she’s having a sample sale. And her sales are NOT to be missed at 75%-off (click link for deets).
Seriously, I grabbed three dresses last time.  And, for the record, I never wear them with Uggs.
xo – N.
P.S. Look out for Dolan’s newest venture, Left Coast (a collection of inexpensive tees), which should ship in April!