By Nora Zelevansky / April 9th, 2009

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I can't even believe that I'm writing about food after the chocolate-covered macaroon massacre of Passover 2009.  Not to mention the hand-layered halva murders.  I tried to control myself. Really, I did. But I kept hearing voices: "Eat me!  I'm chewy and crusty and sweet!"

But, you know me, I rebound.  So, here I am pushing aside over eating trauma; surviving to eat another day.

Anyway, I know I've mentioned my Pickled Veggie-of-the-month-club membership.  Wow.  That sounded remarkably lame.  Whatever.  Anyway, I also have a Potato Chip-of-the-month-club membership for the next few, well duh, months.  And, as if I didn't subject my Sunday book club to enough of my Month Club lunacy yet, I thought I'd share a POCKET LINT find with you guys too:

Deep River Snacks is a kettle cooked artisanal potato chip company out of Old Lyme, Connecticut.  I have no idea where the hell that is, but it sounds good, no?  Aude Langs Lyme, My Dear . . . I dunno. 


Anyway, the chips are trans fat and hydrogenated oil free and are hand cooked in small batches.  Most importantly, they're totally delicious, especially (ready for this?) the Asian Sweet & Spicy Thai flavor. Look, I'm as surprised as you.  I thought it sounded weird and nast, but, lo and behold, they had this salty, tangy, spicy, exotic flavor that was totally addictive and amazing.  It was like you discovered a new facet of flavor in each taste.

Just ask my writing group girlies, Rachel and Laura.  They know . . . THEY KNOW.  They hear the chip voices too.  Well, maybe not.  But they did try them and really like them.  FYI–the Olive Oil & Rosemary are also delish.  I still have Sweet Maui Onion to go, so I'll keep you posted.

For now, chips ahoy . . . Ugh.  I think I really did eat too much.  I ate away the clever.

And, sadly, you're the ones to suffer for it.  Oh, the injustice.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / February 23rd, 2009


(Sort of Self-Explanatory, No?)

I spent this weekend on a cruise for work (don't ask–or do ask–either way I'll explain at a later date, but let's just say it involved lots of drunk travel agents dancing to a striking rendition of Red Red Wine).
After arriving back on dry land (hallelujah!), we rushed home to see Hugh Jackman prance around (really? he's straight?), Angie & Brad grin at Jen and Micky Rourke look, well, disturbing and like Mickey Rourke. 

ANYWAY, tomorrow I'm on deadline, so I figured that for your sake and mine (and because I've used up all my time), I'd make today's post short and sweet.  DUDE.  I've now spent so much time rambling about keeping this short that I've gone on forever.

SO, the point: about a year ago my ingenious sister signed me up for "Pickle Of The Month Club." I'm a pickle fanatic (clearly in keeping with my salt addiction) and I was thrilled to say the least.

Anyway, Month Club Store became sort of a thang in my family and so, as one gift for my last birthday, my family got me potato chip, pickled vegetable and beef jerky of the month.  So far the pickled vegetable has been SO good, but this month's (which arrived this weekend) is particularly tasty: Penna's Spicy Pickled Beans grown on family land and created in Sacramento Valley, California by a couple who met in third grade.

The string beans are totally delicious and tangy as a snack and would probably be fab in a bloody mary situation too.

So, I'd like to thank my sister, for finding Month Club in the first place and my parents for buying this particular subscription for me.  And, also, I'd like to thank Maurice and Cindy Penna without whom these treats might never have been possible.  Oh, and of course the Academy.

You've always got to thank the Academy.

xo – N.