By Nora Zelevansky / April 9th, 2009

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I can't even believe that I'm writing about food after the chocolate-covered macaroon massacre of Passover 2009.  Not to mention the hand-layered halva murders.  I tried to control myself. Really, I did. But I kept hearing voices: "Eat me!  I'm chewy and crusty and sweet!"

But, you know me, I rebound.  So, here I am pushing aside over eating trauma; surviving to eat another day.

Anyway, I know I've mentioned my Pickled Veggie-of-the-month-club membership.  Wow.  That sounded remarkably lame.  Whatever.  Anyway, I also have a Potato Chip-of-the-month-club membership for the next few, well duh, months.  And, as if I didn't subject my Sunday book club to enough of my Month Club lunacy yet, I thought I'd share a POCKET LINT find with you guys too:

Deep River Snacks is a kettle cooked artisanal potato chip company out of Old Lyme, Connecticut.  I have no idea where the hell that is, but it sounds good, no?  Aude Langs Lyme, My Dear . . . I dunno. 


Anyway, the chips are trans fat and hydrogenated oil free and are hand cooked in small batches.  Most importantly, they're totally delicious, especially (ready for this?) the Asian Sweet & Spicy Thai flavor. Look, I'm as surprised as you.  I thought it sounded weird and nast, but, lo and behold, they had this salty, tangy, spicy, exotic flavor that was totally addictive and amazing.  It was like you discovered a new facet of flavor in each taste.

Just ask my writing group girlies, Rachel and Laura.  They know . . . THEY KNOW.  They hear the chip voices too.  Well, maybe not.  But they did try them and really like them.  FYI–the Olive Oil & Rosemary are also delish.  I still have Sweet Maui Onion to go, so I'll keep you posted.

For now, chips ahoy . . . Ugh.  I think I really did eat too much.  I ate away the clever.

And, sadly, you're the ones to suffer for it.  Oh, the injustice.

xo – N.