By Nora Zelevansky / June 28th, 2010

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Monday, Monday, yawn, yawn.

Soooo … when I covered Mona Moore's Rodarte shoe party last week for, the post focused mostly on the spring collection and the fête itself, which is definitely worth checking out!

In addition to the Hawaiian cocktails and condor-inspired shoes, which you can read about at the above link, guests also got an up close and personal gander at fall's crazy collection.  And the lucky ones (yes, me & R.) got to chat for a while with kooky, cool Rodarte designer Laura Mulleavy, who reminds me more of the visual artists that pervaded my art world childhood than of any designer I've ever come across.  (Her sister and co-designer Kate seemed really lovely too, but I didn't get to corner her for quite as long.)

Laura talked about The Dark Crystal: She's obsessed with the Jim Henson cult-classic movie.  (Coincidentally, for some reason, people think I look like the main female "Gelfling," Kira.)  Laura also dished about what it's like working and living with your sister, saying that they're "basically the same person."  (They went to Berkley together and now live together.)  She also told us all about the inspiration for the fall heels and about the Rodarte approach to design:

Basically, though
known for their avant-garde aesthetic, the designers themselves kept it casual
and unassuming, showing their Northern California and Pasadena roots in comfy
plaid and tees.  Though Laura did
rock their Repetto collaboration marbled ballet flats (love!), she shook her head “No
way!” in response to wearing her own designs, explaining:  “We don’t design for a specific girl or
for ourselves, which is unusual, but it means there are no limitations.”

Those that
truly worship at the altar of divine shoes were transfixed by fall’s upcoming
Kirkwood collaborations, displayed behind protective glass at the Mona Moore’s
rear.  The shoes are inspired by “sleepwalking”
and have heels that mimic melting candle wax and light up (see above and below).

Picture 53

When it comes to Rodarte's heels, if the shoes fits, put it behind glass and stare at it, because these are simply works of art.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / June 25th, 2010

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As sometimes is my sad fate, when I visited new gastropub Waterloo & City (from the former Palihouse chef) pre-opening to research a Daily Candy story, the kitchen was not fully functioning.  So, while I got a sneak peek at the menu and the decor, I didn't get to sample the goods.

So, I was psyched to hit the new spot with R. after a Rodarte event at Abbot Kinney's Mona Moore shoe store last night.  The restaurant was hopping and one of the sweet owners served us DELICIOUS sherry from his own personal stash, but the highlight was definitely the above Brussel Sprouts w/ Bacon, which were perfectly crispy on the outside and rich with the meat's flavor.

They're so good, you'll hardly believe you're eating your veggies.  Then again, bacon has that effect, I suppose.

W & C just started serving brunch too, so hopefully I'll check that out soon (plus I need to go back for the squash blossoms and the truffle fries).  Let me know if you have a chance to beat me to the punch!

xo – N.