By Nora Zelevansky / August 16th, 2010

Picture 3

This weekend was a Third Street black party, which basically just means that the boutiques offer better discounts and some free cookies and Perrier.  M., R. & I wandered around for hours, after brunch at Doughboys, and I had some mini lover affairs at each spot.

First, we wandered into Satine and happened upon the MOST beautiful Obakki trench for fall.  It's actually different than the above, which is also Obakki and does happen to be beautiful too!

Then, at the Sigerson Morrison sale, I fell in love with the below suede sandals (which are much cuter in person).

Picture 6

Then, at cool kid home store, Plastica, I pondered some woven colorful laundry baskets and some blank shower curtains that you can draw on (hmmm).

Picture 7
Then, we stopped into new kid's store EGGY for a baby gift and FREAKED OUT over how cute the clothes were.  They were like little grown up clothes!

Picture 18

Anyway, that's just a taste of what's up on Third.  Now, I need to go try to shut myself in my house, so I don't go buy it all.

But what is there to do in this place besides watch Entourage?  On second thought, LET ME OUT!

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / July 12th, 2010

Picture 54

It's admission time, people.  I have to confess.  As you may know, I've been a longtime obsessive fan of Sigerson Morrison shoes.

My love affair continues.  Kind of.  I love them still.  Just lately, I'm not quite in love.  You know the difference, right?  Maybe I just need to take a vacation alone with my Sigerson Morrison flats and heels to revitalize the romance, bring back the spark.  Or maybe I need to take a break from them for breathing room.

Maybe we just need couples counseling.

Anyway, now it seems like I'm consumed wholly with Loeffler Randall.

I wore these to my wedding:

Picture 56

These all last fall:

Picture 57

And now I bought the above sandals at Milk on Third Street, where they're having their big seasonal sale.  These mofos look even better on.  Seriously.

I'm thinking this Loeffler Randall thing is more than a crush.  This could be a long term relationship or at least summer loving.  (It happens so fast.)  Go Grease, right M?

Either way, it's not just new and exciting.  This one's gonna last.

xo – N.


By Nora Zelevansky / February 12th, 2009


(Sigerson Morrison Shoes . . . Sigh . . . I love these ballet flats the mostest)

I am a Sigerson Morrison whore.  Screw Carrie and her Manolos (although, okay, I'd surely take those too), I am just a sucker for the Sigerson Morrison crossover silvery gold and even, yup, rose gold-hued shoes. I do love me some Louboutins too, but I'm sharing this specific SM love for a few reasons:

1. As with any forbidden love affair, I want to scream from the rooftops (but not in a creepy Tomkat kind of way).

2. There's a Sigerson Morrison boutique right around the corner from my house on Third Street and I noticed that they've started their semi-annual 70%-off sale.  The pain, the pain . . .

3.  If you're anything like me, you can't read another damn story about octuplets, Christian Bale, Chris Brown, Brangelina (just always, right?), "David After Dentist" (which I don't even think is funny BTW–like, disturbing much?) or the fucking economy.

4. If you don't know already, you all should be aware that Sigerson Morrison has a lower price point line called Belle and, while it's not AS fantastic, I did just find a pretty pair of patent flats at starlet-hive Kitson.

4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it appears that my cat Waldo is a also a Sigerson Morrison obsessive.  No, really, he LOVES putting his paws in SM shoes and I'm pretty sure that–in a cat–this deeply ingrained fashion sense is one of those "miracles" of tiny proportions like a Jesus-shaped potato chip or whatever.

The world deserves to witness the phenomenon for themselves, no?

0209WALDO SHOES0209WaldoShoes2

Maybe I've officially lost it.  Or maybe you have.

xo – N.

P.S. Do you have a favorite dreamy shoe line?  Or a pet with a shoe fetish?  Share and share alike!