By Nora Zelevansky / January 19th, 2009


As a lifestyle writer for the last five plus years, I’ve amassed an almost encyclopedic knowledge (well, maybe more like a Wikipedic knowledge) of all things beauty, food, style and travel. And, in researching current stories, I am constantly collecting new information and sampling the goods.  In the interest of emptying my brain (ahem, pockets) to make room for new facts (like where I left my damn vintage Dior sunglasses), I’d love to share the knowledge.

So, please, ask for any suggestions/recommendations you might need for itineraries in and around LA!  If you’re looking for a great mellow birthday party bar (near a festive eatery), indie boutiques with unique local designers, the city’s best pickle-stuffed burger (thank you, GENIUS Barney’s Beanery), locally made french-milled soap (Mistral’s Wild Blackberry), the latest facial spot or even the best place to grab pretty recycled undies (yup), I’m your girl.  Of course, my advice is purely experiential (I’m definitely not an esthetician or doctor, for example), but maybe I’ve had a similar conundrum?

My sister, Claudia, refers to my obsession with these inane details as “my pocket of crazy.” Okay, one of my many pockets of crazy.  But she still comes to me with questions. Hence: POCKET LINT.  Seems like you might as well benefit too.

xo – N.