By Nora Zelevansky / January 20th, 2009


Since today is hopefully the first day of the rest of our lives (or at least the next four years), what could be more appropriate then a first blog entry?  (Plus, I suspect we’re all in generous and forgiving moods, which I’m hoping will be applied to my initial ineptitude with this medium.)

Like Obama, I’m somewhat new to this responsibility, although my job feels just a little bit easier.  Just a little bit.  And, while I don’t expect to cure any major diseases or solve world hunger via POCKET LINT, I do hope it can be a helpful resource for my fellow crazies.  You know who you are: those obsessive souls who treat life like a scavenger hunt, tirelessly searching out hidden local gems (of the edible, wearable and experiential nature) in unexpected, up-and-coming urban enclaves (ahem, sorry but pockets) around the globe.
I’m based in LA, so this blog is sure to be Cali heavy.  So, in honor of Barack’s National Day of Service and Angeleno pride (which can sometimes be noticeably absent), I’d like to dedicate this first post to my trip to give blood yesterday: I went with my family (sadly, sans sister Claud) to Cedars-Sinai, which is a totally swank facility by blood donor standards.
Personally, I did it out of a sense of responsibility, for the Obama solidarity, for the virtuous after glow, for the family togetherness, but, most of all, I did it for the treats at the end.  I mean, when was the last time you got to eat peanut butter crackers and sip juice from a pink straw guilt-free? Kindergarten?  Ah, the days of sanctioned naps.
But, anyway, hallelujah for peanut butter crackers, Obama, LA, Ben & Jerry’s ingenious new “Yes Pecan” flavor, Tasha of (who taught me a bit about blogging, while I was a guest editor at RackedLA) and the whole USA.  It feels like an odd privilege to wax so patriotic:)

Yes We Can!!!

xo – N.
P.S.  I promise not to always make these SO long.  TRULY.