By Nora Zelevansky / February 9th, 2009


(Jill Malek's Limited Edition Yoga Mats: Aphrodite, Maidenhair, Sleeping Briar Rose)

You've all heard the one about the jewelry designer cum bag designer; publicist cum boutique owner; journalist cum blogger (ahem)?

Well, here's a new one for you: wallpaper innovator, Jill Malek, is now designing special limited edition yoga mats for Yogamatic.  I feel like I should have turned that into a knock, knock joke or something, but whatever. Two wallpaper designers and a rabbi walk into a bar . . . something about wall flowers? Eh, I give up.

Anyway, I'm psyched because, while I sadly own nothing to wallpaper (my laptop? my fridge? my cat Mina?), I can definitely use a pretty mat, as it can only make me more motivated to yogi out in downward facing dog.  That sort of invites a joke too, I think, but again I got nothin'.  Or at least nothing appropriate.

The fantastical patterns–with evocative names like Sleeping Briar Rose and Resurrection–are directly inspired by the wallpaper that Jill lovingly creates in her Brooklyn studio.  And, while Jill's mats are only available online via her own website or the Yogamatic site, her paper can be perused at shops like Brooklyn's design collective/gallery boutique Urban Alchemist and LA's Walnut. ( BTW–What is with the wallpaper/Walnut theme in the last two days?  Eh. Why fight it?)

You never know what you may find amidst the lint, you know?

xo – N.