By Nora Zelevansky / March 17th, 2009

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The Best Link Today:

Jezebel, which for me is tonally life's only consolation for JANE folding (NO, I'm not over it yet!), blogged today that a 90-year-old man, Ran Yusheng, in China claims to be a "Bra Whisperer." Well, at least he brags that he can simply ogle a woman's chest and create the perfect custom bra. And, of course, he's starting an online site to prove (and sell) it.

In my experience, even the geniuses (with their own remarkably large shelf-like racks) at age old lingerie shops like NYC's The Town Shop and LA's Miss Stevens have to basically feel you up (awkward much?) to find you the right fit.  (Sorry male readers).

And, while I have heard awesome tails of blind acupuncturists with heightened senses and such right here in LA, am I to believe that this 90-year-old man has perfect eyes with which to view said boob-age?  And is his skill Chinese chest specific, as he's been working there for a lifetime?

Still, I'm impressed enough that a 90-year-old man had the forward thinking vision (along with two younger folks) and grasp of modern technology to market himself this way and create a website.

Kudos, Mr. Yusheng.  For some reason, The China Daily (the story's original source) doesn't list the online store's address, but I'm on the hunt.

Let's be honest.  I want me one of those bras!

xo – N.