By Nora Zelevansky / March 18th, 2009

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The Best Link Today:

In my humble opinion, Blackburn + Sweetzer has a few MUST-READ posts on her blog this week:

First, she totally links to THE POCKET LINT Spicy Tofu Stew story today, so she obviously knows a good thing when she sees it.

Second, she checked out La Terza's new less-expensive, more down home Italian incarnation Minestraio (Exhibit A, above) in a timely manner.

Third, Malia Mills is offering B + S readers $50-off her amazing suits (which, FYI, I absolutely swear by). Mills designs the best bathing suits for chestier girls particularly; she somehow morphs amazing styles that would normally be obscene or just wrong-all-the-way-home into totally flattering and wearable (and not cheesy or too bra-esque).

I know I sound like an ad, but I really do love her, and often when I'm in NYC I head over to her showroom, where on Tuesdays you used to be able to buy suits for wholesale or at least cheap. (Well, cheap-er.  These well-made puppies are expensive, which is why every $50 counts.)  Seems like "the outlet" is closed for now, but maybe it'll reopen soon?  Keep an eye on the site!

Fourth, B + S blogs about the soon-to-be-arriving Chloe on Melrose and Corner Bakery right in our hood.  Of course, I'm equally, if not more, excited about the Staples opening on La Cienega next door.  Now I officially never have to get in my car during the day again (sorta).

Long live writerly agoraphobia! (Or at least deep seeded fear of annoying parking situations and traffic.  Actually, probably more accurately, long live my NYC roots!)

xo – N.