By Nora Zelevansky / April 2nd, 2009


The Best (Other) Link Today:

So, US WEEKLY is reporting that the next Sex and The City movie will come out in summer 2010!  Okay, so I admit it, I'm excited.  I know I'll be at the theater with all the other ladies, devouring a Slurpee(!) and an entire tub of popcorn, while I watch Carrie cry over Big and wonder how I'll ever have her arms, if I eat all this movie theater crap.

Actually, some people say I remind  them of her, but no SJP bod for me. No SJP closet either.  Boo.  No, I probably look like her in the face (which, lord love her, is pleasant, but also a bit Sea Biscuit-esque when they try to slick her hair back like in The Family Stone).  I mean, I know she's supposed to be uptight, but does she have to be fug?  Hopefully, it's mostly Carrie Bradshaw's mannerisms, chosen profession and love of puns that links us.  Punny, punny . . .

Picture 6
Anyhoo, I'm excited, BUT (and you knew the BIG BUT was coming) what can they possibly do next?  I mean, Samantha is post-menopausal, Miranda is living in Brooklyn with Steve (again), Charlotte has babies galore and Carrie, well, she has her Big.  And we know his name!  Johnny boy . . . All I'm saying is that I cannot watch Carrie & Big break up again.  I can't.  I just don't buy that he is that much of an asshole, you know?

Well, only time will tell.  You know, sometimes in NYC . . . blah, blah, blah.

xo – N.