By Nora Zelevansky / April 1st, 2009


The Best Link Today:

As someone who loathed the college process, I just had to comment on this NBC San Diego story about how UCSD accidentally sent out welcome letters to all 46,377 applicants (having only accepted 17,000 for attendance).

No one accidentally sent me anything positive, although Tulane did "lose" my application.  It was supposed to be a safety!  Sorry.  I'm okay.  I'm actually TOTALLY over it.  I almost never write them hate mail anymore.

Anyway, I guess this is what happens when colleges communicate digitally.  No more fat envelopes, just large email files.  What's next?  Maybe bitter drunk texts to accepted applicants who chose other schools:  "How could u choosh UCSB over UCSD? U r a bitch."

I'm just glad that no one accidentally CCed me on anything like exchanges between members of the acceptance committee: "This student is a moron. Please reject. STAT."

Anyway, just had to share . . . eek.  Sorry, kiddos.

xo – N.