By Nora Zelevansky / June 29th, 2009


A wise man once said, "The times, they are a'changin'."

That man advised "getting with it" and accepting said change or, he warned, "you'll sink like a stone."  Eh.  What did he know? He was probably on a pharmacy's worth of drugs at the time.

I prefer to fight change at every turn or at least pout about it . . . loudly.  HARUMPH.  (Okay, maybe not the kind of change he was referencing, but . . . you get the picture).

Well, lately it seems like things are changing in every aspect of my life and at an intense and rapid pace, so I hardly imagined feeling remotely happy at an intimate Sunday afternoon goodbye party for my friend C.R.  Though I'm happy for him, of course.  Blah, blah. blah.  Whatever.

Still, he chose the Culver City Father's Office, which I've actually never visited, so I was excited for their notoriously delicious burger with gruyere, blue cheese, caramelized onions, smoked bacon reduction and arugula.  I like the vibe at the original, crowded, dark, pub-like Santa Monica spot, but the noise level is sort of deafening and the seats are few, so this was definitely easier, brighter and closer to home.

I won't go on and on about the burger and CRAZY GOOD SWEET POTATO FRIES that got scarfed long before my camera was remembered (or about the sort of fab bathroom situation) cause many a food obsessive already has covered this territory.  But I thought I'd at least post an image of that amazingly delish creation, which proved just as yummy as I remembered, if only to remind C.R. about what he'll be missing in NYC.

That's right, my dear C.R.  I will never forget our Dorito taste tests,"vegetarian" bacon runs, Franzia box wine-filled college art openings, video game vs. heroine addiction debates, my knee high boots, your puffy white jacket. Good outfit. Bad hair. NOW!

Come visit often; for the burger at least. 

Miss you already.

xo – N.

P.S. I still want my sidewalk crack image! NOW!!!