By Nora Zelevansky / June 3rd, 2009

Picture 6

So maybe I'm not the traditional lady who lunches, but I can definitely fit the role of lady who drinks wine with friends to support a good cause.  My friend Adriana is throwing the above charity event on Thursday evening for the Lower East Side Girl's Club (based in NYC) at Corkbar in Downtown LA.

I know most of us are a bit strapped for cash right now (or strapped into straight jackets as the case may be), but the SUGGESTED tax-deductible donation is only $35, which is as much as you'd pay for a mildly swanky dinner anyway.  And less than a lot of us would pay for a single bottle of wine.

Plus, the amount is only a suggestion like flossing daily or going to the dentist twice a year.  Okay, fine, maybe going to the dentist is not just a suggestion and my current aching mouth proves it, but still.

Anyway, come one, come all!  I'm just excited to finally check out Corkbar, which supposed to be pretty awesome.  Plus, there will be a raffle.  And I just LOVE a raffle.

And there goes my grandma side again.  Bingo!

xo – N.