By Nora Zelevansky / June 30th, 2009

Bravo 1 #1

Let's talk for a hot sec about how much I want this bag.

I'm an unabashed accessories–especially bag–ho, as ya'll know, but it's been some time since I've craved a purse with this intensity.

To make matters worse, Kooba's above Camille bag is somewhat limited, created specially to be worn on Bravo's NYC Prep (actually the bags will appear for the first time tonight on the show's second episode).  Now do you want it even more???

See, I went to a NYC prep.  I attended drunken fĂȘtes in museum sized rambling apartments. My name graced fliers for fifteen-year-old promoter friends, who threw parties at Chippendale's (yup) and Club USA. I threw swanky dinners on a friend's penthouse deck, while her parents were in the Hamptons, purchasing high-end ingredients on our parents' accounts at Citarella, Zabar's and Fairway back when there was only one (gasp!) location of each gourmet shop.  There were boys, drugs, robberies, snobberies, grades, failures, what-have-you and I was even edgy in the face of it all (from an art world family, where intellectualism was prized above status and money).

Now, that's drama.

But no one EVER designed me a bag, let alone one this beautiful!  Do you think it's because I was Upper West?  I feel deprived.

Well, teens these days better count themselves lucky cause this is some seriously amazing stuff.  Am I about to sound old, raving about how youth is wasted on the young?  Now, that's just sad.

Here goes: There are four special Kooba bags total in this exclusive collection and you can buy one for yourself at Shop Bravo.  Every piece of the collection is beautiful, but I am particularly fond of the navy Camille (above) and the Taylor Bag in teal.  What do you think?

Bravo 4 #1
Bravo 3 #1
Bravo 2 #1
[BAGS FROM TOP TO BOTTOM: TAYLOR (teal), KELLI (berry), JESSIE (aubergine)]

Meanwhile, I'll be lamenting the timing of a childhood before reality TV and, well, before Kooba.  And that, my friends, is a whole nother kind of baggage.

xo – N.