By Nora Zelevansky / November 9th, 2009

Picture 4

[CLICK IMAGE TO EXPAND: Photo By Zach Merck]

Before you start getting all huffy, lemme just explain that the above gesture is by no means directed towards you and yours.  Unless you already jumped the gun, got offended and started spreading lies about me.  Then, the image should be interrupted as personal.  Yup.

No, but seriously, I mostly want to post this pic to acknowledge the fact that I left NYC's Opening Ceremony on my recent trip with my very own, beloved Betsey Johnson "Archive" piece.  As I've mentioned before, both the NYC and LA outposts of the shop (very different in vibe BTW–LA is slick, while NYC feels like a vintage store or Antique Boutique or something) were carrying a few of Betsey's favorite pieces of all time, recreated for our wearing pleasure.

Anyway, mine is the one above, sported at M.'s recent Mexico wedding.  At first I thought black might be too sedate for Mexico, but apparently some (READ: a boatload of) tequila and my bad influence friends go the better of me.  Because I seem to be quite happy in the thing.

Picture 6

Picture 8

[CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE: Photos by Rachel Leonard]

I'm having second thoughts about posting these, but what else is a blog for if not to humiliate yourself?

Anyway, I know one isn't supposed to pick favorites, but I just can't help myself.

Gracias, Betsey!

xo – N.