By Nora Zelevansky / December 7th, 2009

Picture 12

Like any normal human being, I LOVE the scent of pine during the holidays (not to be confused with Pine Sol, which I could also love under different circumstances: A.K.A. when someone–ahem, ANDRE–cleans the house with it). 

Seriously, Drewser.  Don't be afraid to clean and surprise me.

No (I mean, yes), but I was actually smelling (and admiring) a friend's Christmas tree at book club yesterday.  Since I don't get to have one of my own (and I can't say "Hanukah Bush" with a straight face), I thought I'd share one other way to experience holiday fragrances:

As part of my bday present, my sister C. gave me two of Mistral's new Holiday Soaps (Winter Pine and Winter Berry).  Now, you know I'm always a HUGE fan of said products, BUT I think I can objectively say that these new scents are especially amazing.  I mean, I have the pine version in rotation right now and every time I smell it, I have a moment of, "What IS that amazing smell?"

It smells like pure happiness.

So, just a little holiday cheer for your bad selves, should you choose to indulge.

And, Andre, after I've uncovered the gems within the LINT, don't be afraid to clean it all up.

xo – N.