By Nora Zelevansky / December 10th, 2009

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I like an antioxidant as much as the next girl, but I often feel like most pomegranate drinks are like so many cranberry or grapefruit "juice" options: overly sweetened and almost thick.  So, while I know this might fall under the category of: "How the hell can someone get excited about BLANK?", I just have to rave about my new favorite beverage of the moment: Honest Tea's Pomegranate White Tea.

Yup.  It even eclipsed cherry coke zero.  First of all, it's not super sweet at all and it doesn't taste all diet-y either.  It has a little caffeine in it, but not enough to offend my delicate sensibilities (and by "delicate sensibilities" I mean that it doesn't make me all cracked out like a meth addict in withdrawal).

Also, I feel all virtuous drinking it because of the acai and stuff.  I just love it.  Honestly.  Honest Tea.  Honest Abe.  Honest to goodness.  Okay.  I'll stop.

xo – N.