By Nora Zelevansky / January 20th, 2010


Now, I know what you're thinking:

a) Why was there no post yesterday?

b) Why is that mess of a plate today's image?

c) How many caramel apples can you feature?

d) Why are you posing a million questions and not answering any?

Well, my blog composer wasn't working yesterday; the food was so great that we couldn't control ourselves long enough for me to take a pretty picture; these caramel apples are INSANELY good and a whole nother thing; I just answered them, Jerko.

My father LOVES BLD.  You may think you love a restaurant, but you don't know love until you've experienced BLD and my dad.  Anyway, he was in town this weekend and so, on his last night, we headed to the restaurant.  Now, we are all HUGE fans of their chocolate chip cookies.  They come piping hot with melty chocolate that stretches when you pull them apart.  Normally, we would have been plenty happy with the cookies, but we noticed a mini-caramel apple option on the menu.

And when it arrived, we freaked.  The apples were more like small regular apples than anything mini and they were both dipped and sitting in a river of deep thick caramel (not the saucy kind).  Once the apple was in hand, we dipped them alternately into piles of chocolate sprinkles, chocolate chip cookie crumbles and nuts (not really my thing, but definitely Andre's).

All and all, it was UNBELIEVABLE.  Run don't walk.  And then maybe walk home.  Because this isn't how people lose weight.

xo – N.