By Nora Zelevansky / January 11th, 2010


For a moment, let's all get our heads unclouded.  That's right: shake off those Sunday hangovers and cold medicine induced dazes and, like, if you sniff glue, stop that for a sec too.  Also, drop out of boarding school or quit your job at the carnival.  (Sorry, but I feel like boarding school kids and "carnies" are the only people who sniff glue).

Anyway, let's focus and chat for a moment about cause and effect.  For instance, if I never left NYC, I never would have gone to college in California.  I never would have learned about good beer or bad bagels.  I never would have had my first job at George Clooney's company (and he wouldn't still be pining for me after all these years, discarding model after cocktail-waitress-cum-model because they don't hold a candle).  If I hadn't DETESTED my 9 to 5 political job, I would never have started freelance writing.  And, if I stayed in NYC, I might never have met my friend R., who ultimately introduced me to L.T., who in turn convinced me to start a blog and who is thus responsible for you wasting precious moments of your life reading this rambling pointless mess right now.

But let's forgive her that and go check out her new blog Hollywood Housewife anyway.  L.T. has had another blog called Peacoat Papers for a while, but she's now relaunched with more specific direction and will wax poetic about her Oklahoma roots, her LA digs, her movie industry husband and, well, our FABULOUS book club (among other things).

Personally, I'm a fan of such Southern tough cookie types.  I'm fascinated because my frame of reference couldn't be more different:  Literally, they can tell you to screw yourself and it sounds sweet, while I can offer a compliment and come off snooty and rude.  Plus, their sass just makes me smile.  Sass = Smile.  And that is what we call, "cause and effect."

At least kind of.

xo – N.