By Nora Zelevansky / March 17th, 2010

Picture 7

In the interest of full disclosure, I did not eat the dumplings in the above picture.  Unfortunately, the actual gyoza in question met with an untimely demise (ahem) before I was able to snap a picture.  At Andre's suggestion, I found the existing jpeg that most resembled said dumplings.  Now, on with the show …

Okay, so, R.L., The Drewser and I arrived for dinner at Mishima, only to discover a new menu item: chicken and pork gyoza!  (I guess that's not such an impressive reveal, considering that I already including the above confession, but whatever.)

Anyway, as tends to be the case thanks to Mishima's many delicious sauces, the dumplings rocked.  And the waitress actually informed us that, as they only made it onto the menu today, we were the first people ever to try them.  Totally recommend!

Then, as we were leaving, they handed us a coupon for a free roll.  I guess that's a new thing too.  All good things!

xo – N.