By Nora Zelevansky / May 11th, 2010


You've all heard me go on and on about my friend T. & her personal organizing skills.  Yeah, yeah, and my lack thereof.  WHATEVER.  Do you always have to bring up my shortcomings?

JEEZ.  Anyway, she blogged about a home decor trick, which I feel I would remiss not to pass on:

So, basically, on Organized Design she says that old candle jars can make lovely containers (totally).  Except that there's inevitably all this old wax stuck stubbornly at the bottom.  She offers two concepts for how to rid the jars of that pesky wax, the cooler (in temperature) of which I will definitely be trying.

Between my inherent clumsiness and a major iced tea making malfunction that I perpetrated as a teenager pouring boiling water into a glass pitcher and watching helplessly at it exploded several minutes later, I will be avoiding any boiling water-related tactics.  We are all safer, when I keep my distance from heat.

But go to her blog and read all about the even simpler version that I will personally be trying for sure!

After all, nothing holds a candle to a great tip.

Gosh, that was a terrible pun.  It didn't even make sense.  Eh, I'm tired and in Pittsburgh.  You're lucky I'm writing at all.  LUCKY I TELL YOU!

And scene.

xo – N.