By Nora Zelevansky / May 13th, 2010


LADIES & GENTLEMAN, I have in my possession the PERFECT pair of everyday jeans.  At least, I did last week.

See, although I suspected that my favorite pair of 7 For All Mankind Straight Leg blues were in a hospice situation, I was still stunned and disoriented when they finally ripped their way into oblivion.

What does one do when their favorite pair of jeans–the perfectly worn and comfy, but still somehow flattering ones rocked each and everyday for everything from dinners to Sunday lounging–give out?  This was sadly not a Denim Doctors kind of situation either.  They ripped in the tush, but even if I fixed that, they'd rip any day in both knees and thighs.  That's how much I loved them.  That's how thin they got.

They were perfectly because they were narrow and straight-legged, but not skinny, so not trendy, just ideal.

I wore them in Scotland (see above and disregard the awkward wink or twitch going on).  Just look how beautiful they are and innocent of their eventual fate!  They look so young and carefree then.

I wore them while getting ready on my wedding day … apparently with crazy eyes …


I wore them on my honeymoon …


And even on hikes …


Okay, you can barely see them, I realize.  But I know they're there and that's what's important!  See?  I don't even have enough pictures of them!

ANYWAY, I wore them nonstop for YEARS.  And they lasted beautifully.

Luckily, 7FAM still makes the same cut and I think the wash is the same, but I'm not sure?

Picture 4

I'm not gonna lie.  In person, they look darker than I remember.  But then again, I'm used to a version that's several years old.

I'm already wearing my new pair around town, because favorite everyday, everything jeans are not something I can live as successfully without.  And I'm trying to keep the faith that the dark color will soon fade and that the slightly longer length will shrink in the wash.

I just feel fortunate that the style still exists because otherwise I might have had to cry.

You can check out versions of my new pair and also the launch of a new Jonathon Adler for 7FAM collection for men & women at in-store shopping events–think sweets and champagne–from 3pm to 6pm this Saturday on Robertson in L.A., Dallas' Northpark Center and Miami's Aventura Mall.  The S.F. event is on next Saturday, May 22nd.  (Preview pics below!)

Let's all poor out a little champagne this weekend for my fallen jeans.  May these new ones conform as well as the old.

xo – N.


P.S. Does anyone else think I need to dye my hair back to red?  It looks so much better in these pictures!