By Nora Zelevansky / June 1st, 2010

Picture 2

I think we can probably all agree that gardens are nice things.  That said, I seem to have a particular affinity for strolling through them for hours upon hours, though I have no ability when it comes to keeping them alive.  A.K.A. I am a plant serial killer.

Actually, I think my friend Melissa Roth said it best, when she wrote, "Plants think of my house as a kind of hospice."  Me too, dude.  Me too.

This weekend, Andre and I headed to Angeles National Forest for some hiking, but were thwarted when we realized that the 2 Freeway is closed.  For like ever.  Luckily, it ended nearby Descanso Gardens, where I have never been and have always wanted to visit.  I've strolled Pasadena's Huntington Gardens and love the Japanese gardens, but never this one.

Since I don't seem to murder my leafy green friends with just a glance, I thought it was safe for us to go.  The gardens were pretty and really fragrant (especially the purple, violet and white "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" flowers).  But I was most blown away by the rose garden, which is in full bloom right now.  We were so lucky!  I feel like every other time I've visited botanical gardens, the rose garden is just this sad lot of thorny bushes, but not this time; we caught the flowers at just the right point in the season.  I thought one called "Peppermint" or something because it's striped red and white smelled the most amazing.

Anyway, I totally recommend going to whatever botanical garden is nearby and checking out the roses.  You can pretend it's the 19th century and you're taking a Jane Austen-esque constitutional.  Or, like a normal person, you can acknowledge that it's modern day and just go.  I'm totally a normal person.  No, really.  I am, my lord.  (Heh.)

Will you accept this rose? That never gets old.  For me.  That joke never gets old … for me.

xo – N.