By Nora Zelevansky / July 7th, 2010


I am NOT happy about this whole aging process.  I want to file a complaint.  Where's the suggestion box?

Not to sound like a complete and total cliche, but I mean why does no one tell you that those pesky aging signs start to pop up when you're still a relative baby?  They should make up a nursery rhyme about it, so kids find out really early and develop realistic expectations:

I'm really Rosie.  And I'm Rosie real.  You better believe me.  Cause pretty soon I'll need to start getting Botox injections and then I won't be quite as real anymore.  Roooosie.  Booootox.  Belieeeeve me.

ANYWAY, for this reason (and the humongous hole sitting directly over Los Angeles–seriously it's like the worst ozone situation in the country), a good sun screen is a must.  But then there's the other problem no tells you about: Wrinkles may be coming in, but the teenage acne is also still omnipresent.  Lurvely.

Sun screen tends to make people break out.  That is why I'm so excited to have discovered Sonya Dakar's new green Daily Face Shield, which has SPF 30.  I've been using it regularly for about a week plus and my skin doesn't seem to be reacting at all, except that it's ostensibly not getting UVA/UVB rays (whatever that is).

And I am just happy to share that news with all of you.  Now maybe I can stop making up terrible nursery rhymes about injectables.  That would be better for everyone's health.

xo – N.