BROOKLYN (& BEYOND): Great Green Gobs of Coconut Cake

By Nora Zelevansky / October 1st, 2011

Screen shot 2011-10-01 at 7.12.24 AM

I've been a very very bad blogger.  Here I am posting about my inaugural experience with the whole "Cake Man" Cakeville phenomenon in Fort Greene and I've obviously stolen the above picture.  I mean, that is CLEARLY not my thumb.

To make matters worse, while we did try the above red velvet/cream cheese icing flavor, it was a bright green Coconut Cake (the color of toxic venom!) with white icing that rocked my world.

But I didn't take a picture.  Because I'm lazy.  And because sometimes I have impulse control: Eat first.  Think later.  You would too, if you tasted this stuff.

If you haven't been or aren't aware of this whole sitch, basically this is an amazing cake-specific bakery — the kind of place where they remain open daily until they run out of cake (and they usually do) and where slices weigh more than a small guinea pig.

Back in the day at my elementary school's Spring Fair, I used to always participate in the "Cake Walk" to get a free cake.  For hours upon hours, I would buy tickets and walk in circles until the music stopped, just hoping to feel the elation of winning.  I never did.  Tragic story, I know.

That's the good news about being an adult and about the existence of "Cake Man."  Sometimes money does buy (at least culinary) happiness.

xo – N.