Q & A: Beauty Question, Mistral For Less/Shea Butter?

By Nora Zelevansky / January 24th, 2009

QUESTION: (posed via "Ask Lifestyle Questions!" by anonymous, 1/24)

Two related questions:
1) Mistral soap is wonderful but kind of pricey. Any place/website to get it cheap(er)?
2) I have REALLY sensitive skin, but Mistral works really well. Is it the Shea Butter? Is that particularly good in your experience for sensitive skin?
Thank you. Love the blog.

ANSWER: Thank you!! Dude, it IS pricey.  Probably because they meticulously create the soap in San Diego, but develop the fragrances in Grasse.  Amazing.  The best deal I EVER got on Mistral was on Daily Candy Deals and I went wild, but–when you aren't discovering those surprise discounts–I have two suggestions:

1. Sign up on Mistral's site and become a member.  They send you weekly deals (and actually they're having a 30% off sale right now on lotions, I think).

2. For Mistral AND a million other things, my friend Rachel just introduced me to this BRILLIANT website: You just go to the site and search whatever you're buying from AVIS rentals to, well, Mistral and they give you the coupon codes.  I mean, how genius is THAT?

As for shea butter, in my experience it is AMAZING for sensitive skin.  There are always exceptions, but it has been a lifesaver for me.  In fact, just thinking about it makes me feel warm, cozy and happy:) Shea butter has also created this amazing industry for African women and female-owned businesses have been built around it, as it can only be found in Africa.  So, actually, by buying that lotion, you're doing a good deed.  Can't beat guilt-free shopping . . .

xo – N.