By Nora Zelevansky / July 18th, 2011

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I am just the fitness lady these days.  Someone should tell that to my muscles.  Maybe then they'd get all six-packy and stuff.

1. ANYWAY, I have a feature with some personal essay in this month's FITNESS Magazine called "Hey Beautiful!" all about self-deprecation and why it's important not to make fun of yourself or put yourself down TOO often.  For example, I just did it above.  So I guess I won't do it here.  Now I feel amaaaazing.

No, but seriously, studies show that projecting negative things about yourself or not accepting compliments gracefully can make others uncomfortable and make them doubt your ability, not to mention put a damper on your own self-esteem.  Check it out, if you have a moment!

2. I did a radio segment on KABC's fitness/nutrition show "Bikini Lifestyles" and you can listen to it here.  My section comes in at about minute 13:30 or 13:40, if you're interested!

3. My story on about the tug-of-war between being living "green" and living sleekly went up last week too!  The title is a bit salacious, as it wasn't necessarily about being liberal or conservative, but you know … Check it out, if you have the chance.

Remember: You're beautiful.  But you look better when you read my stories.

Love ya.  Mean it.

xo – N.