By Nora Zelevansky / October 22nd, 2009

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So, I was planning on giving you the down low (or was it the low down?) on Tahiti today, since my last post flew us on over.

Wait: the "down low" in Tahiti sounds like I'm going to tell you where to score transgendered prostitutes.

That's not the case.

Either way, first I need to tell you about my trip mates, right?  Well, actually, though I could happily sing the praises of this fabulous batch of ladies for days, I specifically wanted to point you in the direction of writer Sara Reistad-Long's fab food blog with pal Camille Noe Pagán, Svelte Gourmand, all about gourmet food (love) that's healthy (love) and will make us all skinny like French women in Bora Bora (love most).  See how I brought that back around??

Not just a hat rack, ladies and gentleman.

Seriously, I need to start reading this sitch.  And not just because the creators both have cool names with hyphens and accents and stuff.  But because, now that I've returned to my inviting LA couch, I seem to want to eat everything in sight.  So it might as well be healthy.

Meanwhile, can someone PLEASE explain to me why, now that I've stopped swimming around Bora Bora and running around NYC, NOW I'm hungriest?  I thought exercise was supposed to make you want to eat?  I'm sedantary.  Shouldn't I be full?

Whatever.  I'm just going to have to become a svelte gourmand.  Just as soon as they deem fried Pepper Salt tofu from my neighborhood Chinese spot healthy.  It is, right?  Right, Sara?  Don't answer that.

xo – N.