By Nora Zelevansky / March 27th, 2009


I am not a very adept chef.

This much we all know is true (Exhibit A).  However, I am a fan of anything that makes my life easier or more comfy (Ode to cotton loungewear and chenille socks . . . How do I love thee?) AND I love me some salad too, so . . . 

When my sister bought me the above Chef'n salad dressing mixer (although mine also has various recipes on the sides), I knew instantly that life had changed for the better.  I mean, the benefits are obvious, but if you make a lot of salad dressing, you can literally create it and then keep it and then mix it or even make versions from the recipes on the bottle using convenient measuring lines!  I mean, c'mon people.

OR, if you're really lucky, you can invite your oddly salad dressing savant friend T. over to mix some tasty concoction and keep it until you're licking the very last vestiges of delicious dressing from the lid and arguing with your husband over the remains.

Not that that happened to me.  Cause it didn't.

Ode To Salad Dressing Mixers . . . Oh, Dearest Friend, How I Lived Without Thee, I Do Not Dare To Ask.

xo – N.