By Nora Zelevansky / December 17th, 2009

Picture 2

I'm not necessarily proud of this fact, but generally I like the majority of my accessories high-end and (sadly) pricey.  (That's also how I like my men, but that's a story for another time, right Andre?)  I'll wear what I like to call "disposable clothing" from H & M, Forever 21 and Top Shop all day long, but accessories–I dunno–I like real jewelry, non-synthetic scarves, non-plastic heels etc.   And, when it comes to bags, I love supple buttery leather, brushed suede, vintage Art Deco appointments (sourced from the 1920's), hand-sewn stitches, weaving and pleats.

So you can imagine my joy and surprise when, while perusing the goods at Targ├ęt, I happened upon the above inexpensive Belt clutch (for, yup, $19.99) and actually really liked it!  Some of the alarm dissipated when I realized that the bag was designed by Jaye Hersh, owner of trendoid (to use one of my father's expressions) LA boutique, Intuition.  In fact, she's created a whole line called Hollywood Intuition (okay, forgive the name).  Anyway, the bag at least feels like real leather (and if it walks like a duck, then who cares if it really is one), so I'm on board.

And that's what we call a clutch find.

Sorry.  You know I have no pun self-control.  Shame on you.  You've always known.

xo – N.