By Nora Zelevansky / June 22nd, 2009


"Comfort food" is a subjective concept.

As a salt addict growing up in NYC, my idea of comfort food (combating everything from malaise to nausea) was a local diner's Greek Salad and French Fries.  Maybe some Mozzarella Sticks to boot.  Andre prefers Spaghetti and Meatballs.  To each his/her own, I suppose.

Still, when people get sick, we seem to universally crave hearty, warm dishes: soup, stew, porridge, rice.  Andre and ma mere aussi swear by Mishima's Nabayaki Udon soup with thick white noodles, mild broth and everything thrown in from chicken to egg (which came first? nobody knows).  My father loves Congee or Juke (an Asian rice porridge) combining various meats and exotic veggies (like the salty preserved kind).

Well, I spent this weekend holed up on the couch and napping on any cold tile floors I could find, as I had the flu and a higher fever than I remember having since childhood.  Pitying their ailing (well, recovering) younger daughter, my parents decided to celebrate father's day at local izakaya and sushi staple Yabu.

Normally, I would swear by their delicious Shrimp Shumai (closest thing to Hasaki's Shrimp Shumai that I've had in LA), all manner of sushi and sashimi and (yum!) Seaweed Salad, but–being sick and all–I went for their quintessential comfort food: Soboro Don (see above).  Their versionis just simple rice topped wth slightly sweet and soy flavored ground chicken, egg and spinach with a side of pickled vegetables (which, of course, I love texture and acidity-wise to counter the rich density of the rice bowl).  It was delish, as usual, though I noticed it's not officially on the menu anymore.  They do still serve it upon request, so don't be afraid to ask!

Andre and The Rents also shared this special appetizer of deep fried lotus root and curried chicken served with lemon and curry salt.  I didn't get to try it sadly (poor LINTY), but they all said it was awesome and peered at me with pity.  I don't know from where all this awesome curry salt love is coming, but I'm liking it; Quite. A. Bit.

So, here's to my own speedy recovery, to the incredible luck of discovering a three day sample of free Premium Cable while stuck on the couch and to the resulting ten movie marathon!

L'Chaim! Kampai!

xo – N.